Violet Strain


The Violet Strain is an unstable, experimental derivative of White. While the Mutation it causes is much more powerful than the Red mutation, it also draws more power from the Host making it unstable. Whereas Red will continue to function provided the host regularly eats, Violet requires that the host maintain a “charge” in order to use their abilities to the furthest extent.

Innate Abilities

Regardless of what mutation the Violet develops, they all share the same innate abilities listed below.

Violet Physiology

  • Violets require water and three hours of standard light exposure each day
    • “Standard” exposure would be the equivalent of being outside on a sunny day
    • Violets do not need to eat provided they have sufficient exposure
    • Violets typically prefer one hour of exposure 3 times per day, similar to human eating habits
  • Violets do not need to sleep as long as they receive 4 hours of light exposure a day
    • Violets can still choose to sleep if they want
  • Violets have 1 Second Wind per day
    • Violets can recharge their second wind for the day with 10 minutes of direct light exposure
    • Violets can use a charge with their second wind to heal Wound damage (instead of Stun) and recover all Stun damage
  • Violet healing rates depend on their level of light exposure:
    • With ambient or less exposure, Violets naturally heal 1 Stun per 10 minutes and 1 Wound per 6 hours
    • With direct light exposure, Violets heal 1 Stun per turn and 1 Wound per hour
    • With intense light exposure, Violets heal (Vitality / 2) Stun per turn and (Vitality / 2) Wound per hour
  • Violets receive a step bonus on Endurance and Resistance rolls made based on light exposure
    • Ambient exposure (the average room) is a +1 step bonus
    • Direct exposure (a wall of bulbs, a sunny day) is a +2 step bonus
    • Intense exposure (close star orbit view, bulb-lined room) is a +3 step bonus

Light Affinity

  • Violets are mostly immune to blindness and any other maledictions from light exposure
    • Intense exposure, such as near a star, can potentially affect Violets and make them sick from over-exposure (-1 Step Penalty to Attribute rolls)
  • Violets gain the number of charges they currently have as a step bonus to Alertness rolls related to sight
  • Violets are incredibly resistant to photon-based forms of damage:
    • Violets add twice the number of charges they currently have as natural armor against laser weaponry

Light Emission

  • Violets can emit light at will without expending a charge depending on their current charges:
    • Glowing like torch light is free and innate
    • With 1 charge, the Violet can emit enough light to light up a warehouse
    • If the Violet has 2 charges, he can take an action to emit a light pulse equivalent to a flash bang grenade
    • Note light given off in this fashion cannot be used to provide sustenance or charges to other Violets

Light Absorption

  • Violets can activate this ability innately and gain a step bonus on Covert / Stealth checks equal to the number of charges they’re missing

Light Charges

Violets store their energy as “charges” which allow them to access their more powerful abilities, which they absorb from light. Each “charge” requires an hour of direct light exposure (a sunny day) to refill. Charges last indefinitely provided the Violet has a few hours of light exposure every day, but Violets “bleed” a charge without light exposure every (Vitality / 2) days unless they receive at least 2 hours of direct exposure. Full spectrum bulbs and natural sunlight both suffice for full exposure, but Violets can still gain charges given more time (for less efficient light sources) or less time (for super efficient / potent light sources). Each violet can hold (Vitality / 2) charges. Any charges gained in excess of this amount are immediately lost.

States of Being

Light Starved: A state of being when the Violet has 0 charges and calls on their Supernova-Tier abilities without any charges, the VIolet is dangerously depleted and starving. The Violet can only survive in a “Light Starved” state for (Vitality / 2) days and suffers a -2 penalty to all Attributes when in this state. The Violet requires 4 hours of direct exposure to go from “Light Starved” to “Hungry”.

Hungry (0 Charges): The Violet has lost access to their Hypernova-Tier abilities. While they can access their Nova-Tier abilities freely, using their Supernova-Tier abilities will deplete the Violet to the point of “Light Starved”. If the Violet loses a “charge” while Hungry, the Violet becomes “Light Starved”. The Violet suffers a +1 Step penalty to Physical Attributes due to fatigued while “Hungry”.

Sated (1 Charge): The Violet has enough energy to access their regular abilities, although accessing their top-tier abilities can potentially drain them if they must call on them. At this stage, the VIolet has full access to their powers but accessing their Hypernova-Tier abilities can deplete them to the point of losing access to their powers. After using their Supernova-Tier abilities for an entire day while “Sated”, the Violet drops down to “Hungry” at the end of the day without exposure.

Full (2+ Charges): The Violet feels “full” and have access to the full spectrum of their abilities, able to use even their most powerful Hypernova-Tier ability without depleting themselves to the point of being unable to access their abilities.

Violet Mutations

Each Violet develops a special mutation that grants them access to an extraordinary power. Each violet can only attempt to use their mutation once per turn unless the mutation specifically states otherwise. Violets can take other actions in the same turn as normal. Each mutation has three tiers of power: Nova, Supernova, and Hypernova. Nova abilities are almost always available and the “base” effect of the mutation. Supernova abilities are the more advanced version of the mutation which produce more potent effects and can be drawn on provided the violet has at least one charge. Hypernova are the extreme powers of the Violet that can be accessed by spending a single charge.

As a reminder, step bonuses to Attributes from mutations or any other source do not augment Violet activation rolls. Only your character’s native attributes are used on the roll. Bonuses can, however, offset penalties.

Mutation Access and Hunger State

  • Innate Abilities
    • Always active
  • Nova-Tier Abilities
    • Always available unless the Violet is “Light Starved”
  • Supernova-Tier Abilities
    • Expends 1 Charge after a day of use if the Violet has at least 1 Charge
      • Typically unnoticed by the Violet as their daily regimen replenishes the Charge
    • Violet can still activate these abilities for a Scene with 0 Charges but becomes “Light Starved” at the end of the scene
  • Hypernova-Tier Abilities
    • Must have at least 1 charge to use
    • Each use requires a single charge to be expended

Universal Hypernova Abilities

  • Scope: Area
    • Using the Hypernova version drastically increases the area covered by a power: Easy is a transport/skiff, Average is a patrol boat/hovercraft, Hard is a cruiser/city, Formidable is an entire state, Heroic is an entire region, Incredible is an entire continent, Ridiculous is an entire hemisphere, and Impossible is an entire planet.
  • Scope: Damage
    • Powers that deal damage fueled by a Hypernova charge deal their damage in ship scale instead of personal scale. For reference, one ship scale damage is about 10 points of damage on personal scale.

Violet Strain

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