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Quirks & Queues

  • slightly soft spoken, but loves making people laugh
  • leans on the cheerful side versus being negative
  • enjoys playing cards and other social games
  • loves animals
  • doesn’t like bouncing from client to client like most companions, prefers more long term arrangements, but encounters that don’t involve sex that are brief are ok, for example, she’d be willing to attend a party/ball with someone
  • accomplished violinist, one of the few things she remembers about her mom is her playing the violin, has her mother’s antique violin (Arden has it now)
  • didn’t like companion training, so to distract herself, and as stress reliever, read a lot and would sneak off to a local arcade and play flight simulators
  • loves flowers and really wishes she could have a garden, even if it was a tiny greenhouse one, on the ship
  • not much of a drinker, but enjoys a good sangria
  • loves riding horses and has even taken a few client jobs solely based on the fact that she knew she’d get to horseback ride


  • Father was a core Dr (who grew up in a somewhat wealthy ranch family), Mother was core socialite
  • parents died in luxury liner ship accident, Segovia was left a large inheritance
  • Segovia was taken in by her Aunt at age 4, Aunt couldn’t deal and sent Segovia to Companion House on Beaumonde
  • Segovia wanted to go to her Grandparents on the ranch, but Aunt wouldn’t be “socially shamed” like that and Segovia felt bad and agreed…she was only 4 years old after all
  • Aunt and Grandma do not get along and Grandma had convinced Segovia to come back to live/work on the ranch before Segovia got involved with Arden and fancied herself smitten over him
  • Segovia trained and made friends at companion house, but didn’t like bouncing from client to client, she was more prone to accept long term contracts
  • very close friends with an ex-tong slave who was sold to companion house, Tia Chen
  • last long term contract was with an Alliance arms dealer, Arden, who Segovia fancied herself somewhat smitten with, he took advantage of her, getting their financial accounts combined so he could have access to her inheritance
  • Arden was doing some shady business, Segovia confronted him and threatened to expose him unless he stopped, he dumped her at their port of call and stole all her money…he even contacted her Aunt and came up with a bullshit story so the Aunt would write her off
  • is currently 26 years old
    • parents died at age 4, sent to companion house at age 4
    • started companion “physical training” at age 18
    • 18 – 20 years old, did the normal companion thing where she went from client to client, didn’t like it
    • 20 – 23 years was employed with a small but wealthy business, was supposed to only be about 4 clients, but when they kept adding people for her to “service” she left
    • 24 – 26 years old, employed by Arden


Segovia’s father came from a ranching family on Beaumondea and her mother was a socialite on Ariel. Her father met her mother while he was in medical school and they instantly connected. Segovia doesn’t remember much about her parents, other than the tidbits that her Aunt and Grandmother have relayed, but she does remember one summer they went to visit her Grandma (her dad’s mom) at her ranch. Segovia remembers her mother playing the violin on a breezy porch and a kind old woman giving her hot chocolate as she listened, while her father played with her hair. That summer evening is one of the best that Segovia has.

The Saintclaires were killed in a ship liner accident when Segovia was 4. She’d been staying with her Aunt while her parents were on holiday and when word came down of the accident, Aunt Emiline broke down and couldn’t deal. Segovia begged and begged to be sent to her Grandma and her Grandma’s ranch, where she loved to ride horses, but her Aunt refused…and since her mother had left custody to her Aunt, it was her Aunt’s decision that mattered. It was unpolite, undignified for a girl of her breeding to end up a cowhand. Aunt Emiline said she’d heard the story about how her Grandma had taught her to punch and ride horses like a man and she couldn’t in good conscious send such an impressionable girl to that “back water gos se ranch”. So instead, and despite several attempts by her Grandmother to get custody of her, Segovia was sent to the companion house on Beaumondea. Since it was on the same planet as her Grandma’s ranch she was able to visit often as she grew up. When Segovia was a bit older she learned that her Grandmother had taken her Aunt to court over the companion house issue, and the court’s settlement was that she would still attend a companion house, but on the same planet as the Grandmother. Segovia was very thankful for the attempt and that she was able to visit so frequently growing up as a result.

Segovia was a quiet child and studious so she fit in well during her younger years at the companion house, learning and absorbing some of the best schooling available. When Segovia turned 18 her studies transitioned to the more “traditional” role of companion and although her teachers were respectful and kind, Segovia found the training embarrassing and uncomfortable. It wasn’t until she became friends with Tia that Segovia was able to be a bit more relaxed about the “studies”. Tia was competitive and friendly and very laid back…she truly made Segovia feel comfortable and like she had a comrade—the two became fast friends. When Segovia graduated from the companion house, called The Garden House, she spent the next two years with Tia on various core worlds “living the life of a companion”. Lush parties, numerous clients, gilded dresses and gifted jewels…the life suit Tia perfectly and she quickly rose up the ranks of the guild to be a well known companion. Segovia, however, didn’t like bouncing from client to client…Tia could tell she was unhappy and pulled a few strings and got Segovia a very sought after contract with a huge Alliance marketing firm. The contract was to exclusively entertain their top executives, which meant Segovia would only see about 4-5 different clients. The first couple of years were more Segovia’s speed, she was able to get to know her clients on a more emotional level, care about them as people and even get comfortable with them…but then the company kept adding more executives and asking her to service more and more clients. Segovia, having stored up quite a nest egg in part to the substantial inheritance she received when she turned 21, quit and put the word out she was only looking for more long term contracts at this point. It took about a year of looking, with only small jobs here and there, before Segovia was contacted by a ship captain. A man named Arden Von Hale.

Arden said he was an arms contractor for the Alliance military and almost never set down port, he couldn’t imagine starting a family in such conditions, but was terribly lonely and wanted someone to become friends with and share his evenings with. He knew just what to say to make Segovia feel a connection with him. She spend almost two full years on his ship. Arden was always very secretive of his business, as were the rest of his crew, and since it wasn’t her place she never pushed. She enjoyed Arden’s company, he was a great conversationalist and a wonderful lover. Unlike most of the other men she’d been with Arden cared about her satisfaction as well and Segovia after a fashion fancied herself in love with him. Arden, wanting her to have easier access to his funds, set up their account as a joint account…and Segovia, believing he was making things a bit more serious with her included her own money in that account. Arden talked of their future and when his military job would finally allow him to settle down…he hinted at what a fine mother she would make.

Segovia also became friends with the crew. She played her mother’s old violin for them, cooked and was even a shoulder for them to cry on. The ship’s pilot taught her the ropes and the ship’s doctor even used her steady hands when removing a bullet or two. Segovia was learning skills past those of a companion and truly believed that Arden wanted more from her than simply access to a companion.

Eventually, Arden became a bit more lax in his secrecy about his job. Again, Segovia assumed it was because he wanted to include her in more things and was becoming more serious; however, Arden’s activities arose suspicion…and the bits and pieces that Segovia heard…it sounded as though Arden wasn’t just involved with the Alliance military, but with slave trading. Since her good friend Tia was an ex-slave Segovia couldn’t let it sit. She nosed around a bit and found out a terrible truth. Arden was dealing in slaves, he was also stealing weapons from the Alliance and selling them to members of Tongs…in fact Arden himself was Tong and he was using her bank account to launder his money. She knew right away, he hadn’t wanted to be serious, he’d wanted her as a cover, a way to further his business…

She confronted him about what she knew, told him he needed to stop, told him she couldn’t be a part of what he was doing. Arden gave her a solid smack and threatened her, and she told him she’d report him to the Alliance. If it hadn’t been for the crew, and their love of her, she truly believes Arden would have killed her right there. As it was, it took the pilot Sauder, pulling him off after he started to choke her. Arden, knowing the crew would likely mutiny if he killed her, dumped her on Bernadette with literally nothing more than what was on her back. The ship’s doctor, Noah, argued to “at least give the girl her purse”. And with that she was left. Her mother’s violin, all her clothes and cosmetics…gone. She wondered around Bernadette, with bruises on her neck and cheek, until she found a bank…but she was too late, Arden had already cleaned her out. Hell, she was in the negative…he’d over withdrawn and now the account was locked with several hundreds of credits in fees.

Segovia was in a bit of shock, rented a hotel room for the night and simply cried herself to sleep. The next morning, after a hot shower and having the hotel return her dress dry cleaned she set out to buy cosmetics and pick herself back up. It’s what her Grandmother had taught her….

“I know gettin’ bucked off is scary, but you gotta prove it to yourself and to the horse you’re strong enough for him to carry ya.”

“But Grandma, he’s suppose to carry me!”

“Yeah, but if you can’t even pick yourself up…how can you expect him to do all the work? Dust off your pants girly. You show that horse you ain’t scared, you show him ain’t nothing he can do but what you expect him to. When he got no doubts, he’ll fly with ya true.”

Via Backstory

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