Mutation - Telepathy

Mutation – Telepathy

Nova-Tier Ability

(Intelligence + Willpower)

  • Read Thoughts
    • Reading surface emotions or non-sentient thoughts is Easy, reading surface thoughts is Average, reading a subject’s complete thought process is Hard, reading thoughts or memories the subject is not thinking about is Formidable, reading repressed thoughts is Heroic. Telepathy is typically resisted with Willpower + Discipline / Mental Resistance.
  • Emotional Empathy
    • With this mutation level, the telepath is capable of impressing and reading emotions to aid their interactions. If the telepath overcomes the target’s resistance roll, she gains a +1 step bonus on Influence and Perception rolls against the target for each Tier by which she overcomes the target’s defense roll.
  • Sense Minds
    • Telepaths can sense other minds and recognize individuals as a human would recognize and see someone with their eyes, although hiding from telepathy is much more difficult
    • Anyone that threatens the telepath must succeed in a reflexive resistance roll to the telepath’s activation roll, failure to do so instantly alerts the telepath to the fact that someone in her vicinity has hostel intent
      • While this doesn’t reveal hidden assailants (merely alerts the Telepath to their presence), if the telepath can clearly identify the target she can use this ability to gauge their intent
  • Psychic Assault
    • The Violet can deal damage directly to targets minds of any mind she can sense
    • The Violet’s activation success opposes the target’s mental defense roll (typically Willpower + Discipline / Mental Resistance) with the excess dealing Stun. The Violet uses her Alate Violet or Drone Violet Asset rating as her “weapon” damage die when using this power.

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Discipline / Concentration)

  • Power Augmentation
    • The Violet adds their corresponding skill (and specialty) to their mutation activation rolls
  • Control Minds
    • Controlling a sentient creatures thoughts can be done with a single action
    • In combat, this can be used to declare what the target will do in the following turn
      • Each round requires a single action and an opposed roll by the target
    • Out of combat, the Violet can give the target a set of instructions to follow which the target will pursue as though they were its own
    • Non-sentient creatures can be targeted but have an increased difficulty: near-sentient creatures (like apes) are +4, moderately intelligent creatures (house pets) are a +8, and creatures with almost no higher thought are a +12 difficulty.
    • This ability can be used reflexively to trigger an action in another creature in response to an attack on the Violet, if her activation roll overcomes the harmful effect she triggers the intended response in another creature in time (limited to a single action)
  • Alter Thoughts
    • Can implant, remove or replace memories in real time
    • This requires concentration with an opposed roll for each scene of memories targeted
    • The telepath can work faster but increases the difficulty by +4 per time interval (+4 to work in days not scenes, +8 to work in weeks, +12 to work in months, etc).
  • Telepathic Projection
    • The telepath can connect to another mind within line of sight, allowing for silent communication between them
    • Each mind after the first adds one to the difficulty (1 mind is Easy, 2 minds are Average, etc)
    • The telepath can attempt to reach targets not within her line of sight by increasing the difficulty: within the same small city / cruiser is +4, in the same country is +8, in the same hemisphere is +12, on the same planet is +16, in the same system is +20, in an adjacent system is +24, and finally anywhere in the Verse is +28.
  • Multi-Target Powers
    • The Violet can use any of her Nova or Supernova-Tier abilities on multiple targets within line of sight but suffers a -1 step penalty to her Skill Rating to do so. If the penalty reduces her skill to 0, she cannot attempt the action.

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Allure, Leadership, Sweet and Cheerful)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add the highest applicable Asset to the activation roll
  • Psychic Reprogramming
    • The apex of telepathic ability, this allows the telepath to completely rewrite a sentient mind
    • This ability can also be used on non-sentience creatures, granting them an elevated mental state
      • Each tier of difficulty achieved on the activation roll increases the animal’s Intelligence Attribute by 1 Step, note this cannot be used on already sentient creatures
    • The telepath can use this ability to train others in any skill or mental attribute she possesses, with the target going into AP debt as appropriate
      • The telepath cannot target someone already in debt as a result of this ability, the psychic influence is just too overwhelming for one mind at that point until it has time to recover (i.e. AP debt paid off)
  • Scope: Area
    • Any Nova and Supernova-Tier ability can be elevated to Hypernova-Tier to drastically increase the range of its effects. All targets within the range are subject to the Telepath’s powers: Easy is a transport/skiff, Average is a patrol boat/hovercraft, Hard is a cruiser/city, Formidable is an entire state, Heroic is an entire region, Incredible is an entire continent, Ridiculous is an entire hemisphere, and Impossible is an entire planet.

Mutation - Telepathy

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