Mutation - Speed

Mutation – Speed

Nova-Tier Ability

(Agility + Alertness)

  • Heightened Speed
    • Whenever the Violet rolls with his Alertness roll, the Violet may also add his Agility to the pool
    • Whenever the Violet rolls with his Agility roll, the Violet may also add his Alertness to the pool

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Athletics / Running)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add the Athletics Skill to all Activation Rolls
  • Super Speed
    • The Violet can spend a single action to augment his speed for the turn
    • The Violet’s base speed is considered his running speed (30 + Agility + Athletics / Running), running doubles this value
    • The Violet also doubles his base speed (additive) for each Tier of success rolled (base speed of 15 becomes 30 with an Easy success, 45 on an Average success, etc)
    • The Violet gains a +1 step bonus to all Agility rolls per Tiers of Success (+1 step is Easy, +2 step is Average, etc)
    • Should the Violet use this ability to accomplish an action, divide the time the action requires in half for each Tier of activation success the Violet rolls (so Easy is half the time, Average is a quarter the time, etc)
  • Spool Actions
    • The Violet can “spool” additional actions on his turn by spending an action to activate this ability
    • Each tier of success grants the Violet an additional action (1 additional action is Easy, 2 additional actions are Average, etc)
    • Each tier of success also lowers multiple action penalties for the scene by 1 step
  • Knee-Jerk Reaction
    • If the Violet garners an exceptional success on an Agility based roll against a sentient target, he gains a single action which can be used reflexively immediately after the roll is resolved

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Athlete, Fast On Your Feet, LIghtnin’ Reflexes)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all Activation Rolls
    • Asset can be Athlete, Fast On Your Feet, LIghtnin’ Reflexes
  • Impossible Speed
    • This ability takes the characters entire turn and can manifest in one of two ways:
    • Speed Phase: The character can apply a singe action of their choosing to all targets within (the sum of the character’s Agility + Alertness + Athletics / Running + Asset in yards).
      • For example, a character with Agility d8, Alertness d10, Athletics / Running d8, and Lightnin’ Reflexes d6 could take their entire turn to apply one instant action to everything within 32 yards.
    • Speed Force: Should the character activate this ability, they can run impossible distances at incredible speeds for up to a scene. Roll the characters power with each difficulty tier serving as a multiplier to their all-out movement multiplier: x5mph is Easy, x10mph is Average, x50mph is Hard, x100mph is Formidable, x500mph is Heroic, x1,000mph is Incredible, x5,000mph is Ridiculous, x10,000mph is Impossible. Note this is overland movement, the Violet must commit its full attention while moving this quickly and cannot meaningfully interact with anything else that requires a split focus (such as combat).

Mutation - Speed

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