Mutation - Spatiokinesis

Mutation – Spatiokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Agility + Alertness)

  • Teleportation
    • Can be used to move the character and a modest amount of mass (what they could normally carry) across a given distance.
    • Teleporting within line of sight is Easy, on the same city/cruiser is Average, anywhere in the same country is Hard, anywhere in the same continent is Formidable, anywhere on the same planet is Heroic, anywhere on the same system is Incredible, anywhere in an adjacent system is Ridiculous, to any location in the universe or another dimension is Impossible
  • Spatial Awareness
    • The violet can take an Instant action to activate his spatial awareness for the scene
    • The Violet ignores any penalty for cover or concealment within his line of sight against his sense rolls
    • The Violet adds +1 Step Asset bonus to perception rolls for each activation Tier

Supernova-Tier Ability


  • Power Augmentation
    • Add the Perception skill to the activation roll, using the characters highest specialty
  • Enhanced Spatial Awareness
    • By sensing the movement in space around him, the character can take an action to make an activation roll. Referencing the size chart above, the character is aware of all movement within that range for a turn. Against incoming hostile effects, this grants the Violet a +1 step Asset bonus on all rolls made reflexively in response to an attack.
  • Space Fold
    • This allows the Violet to teleport more than just himself, using the chart referenced above for distance and the chart below for size. Use one activation roll for both comparisons.
    • A person-sized space is Average, Mule-sized space is Hard, Shuttle-sized space is Formidable, Small Transport-sized space is Heroic, Gunship-sized space is Incredible, a Station/Cruiser-sized space is Ridiculous, and folding space for a planet or star is Impossible
  • Spatial Disruption
    • The character can teleport targets with him, purposefully not shielding them from the dimensional shift. Each teleport levies a -1 step penalty on attribute rolls and requires an Average Endurance roll to remain conscious on behalf of the unwilling participant. This ability is treated like an attack and can be circumvented accordingly (the difficulty to resist is the activation roll for this power). Each additional teleport in a scene is cumulative, levying an additional -1 penalty and increasing the difficulty to remain conscious by 1 tier.
    • The target also suffers the difference between the activation roll and their defense roll as Basic damage and the Violet uses his Alate/Drone Violet Asset as a weapon damage die roll on a successful attack.

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Born in the Black, Lightnin’ Reflexes, Nature Lover)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all activation rolls, using any of the following: Born in the Black, Lightnin’ Reflexes, Nature Lover
  • Dimensional Breach
    • The character has the ability to cross dimensions or fold dimensions onto themselves in a localized area. Use the activation roll and size chart outlined above to determine the size of the altered space.
    • While the possibilities for other dimensions are almost limitless, they only create environmental effects and resisting them is typically contested by the characters against the activation roll. These breaches require an action each turn to maintain and can last for up to a scene.

Mutation - Spatiokinesis

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