Mutation - Pyrokinesis

Mutation – Pryokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Agility + Willpower)

  • Flame Blast
    • Compare the activation roll against the target’s Defense roll. If successful, the Violet deals the excess in Basic damage and rolls their Alate/Drone Violet rating in Wound damage.
    • On an exceptionally success, the target catches on fire
  • Heat Resistance
    • The Violet adds their Activation roll to any Endurance or Resistance rolls made against the extreme heat. Success renders her immune to heat for the rest of the scene.
  • Thermal Vision
    • By sensing the varying degrees of heat and temperature change, the Violet is capable of seeing in the thermal spectrum
    • This ability can be activated reflexively on the Violet’s turn

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Discipline / Concentration)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add Discipline / Concentration to activation rolls
  • Melt
    • The character can burst items into flames and melt them down with a difficulty determined by its size: handheld objects are Easy, Basketball-sized objects are Average, person-sized objects are Hard, Mule/Skiff-sized objects are Formidable, Shuttle-sized objects are Heroic, Small Transport-sized objects are Incredible, Gunship-sized objects are Ridiculous, a Station/Cruiser-sized objects is Impossible
    • Use the same difficulty table if the Violet is attempting to cause an item to combust
    • If used reflexively for Defense, this ability contests the attack roll. On a success, compare the weapon damage roll against the Violet’s Alate/Drone Violet rating which acts as armor against the attack, removing the Asset value from the weapon damage roll. Completely negating the damage means the ice object completely absorbs the attack.
  • Flesh to Fire
    • The Violet turns her tissue into living flames
    • While in Flesh to Fire, the Violet can activate the below abilities:
  • Flesh to Fire: Regeneration
    • While her Flesh is Fire, the Violet can draw in ambient air and heal herself
    • Use the Healing Difficulty Table (Table 5.12, Core p 161) to determine the difficulty
    • On a successful roll, the Violet heals the excess in Stun and rolls her Alate/Drone Violet Asset, healing the result in Wound.
  • Flesh to Fire: Consume
    • By drawing in ambient fuel (such as air), the Violet can turn herself into a more capable component
    • Taking an Action, make an activation roll. For every tier of success add +1 Step bonus to a physical attribute of the Violet’s choice.
  • Flesh to Fire: Retaliation
    • While in Flesh to Fire, the Violet can burn those that attempt to harm her in melee
    • When she avoids a melee attack with her activation roll, treat the excess as a counterattack against the target which can only be avoided with the target’s innate defense

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(A Moment in Time, Intimidatin’ Manner, Heavy Tolerance)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all activation rolls
  • Scope: Area
    • Using the Hypernova version drastically increases the area covered by a power: Easy is a transport/skiff, Average is a patrol boat/hovercraft, Hard is a cruiser/city, Formidable is an entire state, Heroic is an entire region, Incredible is an entire continent, Ridiculous is an entire hemisphere, and Impossible is an entire planet.
  • Scope: Damage
    • Powers that deal damage fueled by a Hypernova charge deal their damage in ship scale instead of personal scale. For reference, one ship scale damage is about 10 points of damage on personal scale.

Mutation - Pyrokinesis

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