Mutation - Null

Mutation – Null

Nova-Tier Ability

(Agility + Alertness)

  • Sense Mutations
    • The Null can sense Red (Easy), Advanced Red (Average), Violet (Hard), or White (Formidable)
    • A Nulls senses can only be circumvented with a Mutation designed to do so, contested by the Violet’s activation roll
  • Counter
    • The Null can attempt to stop an activation of a Red or Violet mutation
    • Doing so requires the Null to “hold” its Initiative and oppose the target’s Activation roll with his own

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Perception / Sense)

  • Power Augmentation: Skill
    • The Violet adds her highest Perception / Sense roll to her activation roll
      • The sense determines how the Violet senses other mutations: some see waves of power, some can smell power emanating from others, while others still can hear light humming from powers around them
  • Circumvent
    • The Null can attempt to dispel a Red or Violet mutation that directly targets them
    • The Violet’s activation roll must equal or exceed the activation roll of the harmful mutation
    • Success causes the mutation to dissipate harmlessly
  • Null Field
    • The Violet can create a field around them that prevents and suppresses all Red and Violet mutations
    • The size of the field is determined by the activation roll: person-sized area is Easy, Mule/Skiff-sized areas are Average, Shuttle-sized areas are Hard, Small Transport-sized areas are Formidable, Gunship-sized areas are Heroic, a Station/Cruiser-sized area is Incredible, State-sized area is Ridiculous, and an area the size of a Country is Impossible
    • Any attempts to use a mutation must overcome the Null Violet’s activation roll

Mutation - Null

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