Mutation - Mimicry

Mutation – Mimicry

Nova-Tier Ability

(Vitality + Alertness)

  • Mimicry:
    • Before mimicking, the Violet must witness the trait in question be used
    • By spending a single action, the Violet can make a Power Activation roll with difficulty determined by what’s targeted
      • This can be used to observe multiple traits in a single action
    • Activating mimicry requires that the target be within line of sight, the target must have used the trait once in the scene already, and requires an action to activate which lasts the remainder of the scene
    • The Violet can only have [(Alertness + Vitality) / 2] traits mimicked at any given time
    • Upon a successful activation (with a base difficulty determined by what the mimic is attempting to copy), choose one of the below traits to mimic
  • Mimicry: Skill
    • Identifying competency in a Skill is Easy while recognizing the exact level of proficiency is Average
    • Each activation roll tier grants a d2 in a Skill, with a base difficulty of Easy (Easy is d2, Average is d4, Hard is d6, etc)
      • Only one specialization can be mimicked per activation and requires a Formidable or higher activation roll
      • The character can choose to mimic the same skill twice in order to activate a different specialization
  • Mimicry: Asset
    • Recognizing an Asset is an Average difficulty while knowing the level of proficiency is Hard
    • The Activation roll determines tier of mundane Asset that can be mimic’d
      • Each tier grants a d2 in an Asset, the base difficulty is Average (Average is d2, Hard is d4, Formidable is d6, etc)

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Perception / Empathy)

  • Power Augmentation: Skill
    • Add your Perception / Empathy roll to all Violet Mutation Activation rolls
  • Mimicry: Mutation
    • Recognizing (by ability alone) a base Red is Easy, Advanced Stage Reds are Average, Violets are Hard
    • Mimicking Base Red ability is Easy, Mimicking Advanced Base Red is Average, mimicking Stage 2 Red Mutations is Hard, mimicking Stage 3 Red Mutations is Formidable, mimicking Violet mutations is Heroic
    • The Violet can only mimic one mutation at a time, mimicking a new mutation ends the previously mimicked mutation
  • Mimicry: Violet Asset
    • The Violet can mimic any Red or Violet Asset she witnesses for the rest of the scene
    • She can only mimic one such Asset at a time, with a new activation ending the previous one
    • Recognizing an Asset is an Hard difficulty while knowing the level of proficiency is Formidable
    • The Activation roll determines tier of Asset that can be mimic’d
      • Each tier grants a d2 in an Asset, the base difficulty is Hard (Hard is d2, Formidable is d4, Heroic is d6, etc)

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Allure, In Plain Sight, Total Recall)

  • Power Augmentation: Asset
    • Add the highest applicable Asset to the activation roll
  • Army of One
    • Success allows the Violet to create a copy of herself
    • Each Tier of success allows the Violet to change 4 AP worth of her traits
    • The Violet can also grant the copy a mutation she has mimicked in the same scene as long as the activation roll exceeds the difficulty of the desired ability as outlined in the Mimicry: Mutation table
    • Duplicates cannot mimic abilities on their own
  • Multi-Mimic
    • The Violet can combine any valid targets for her mimicked abilities into one single activation
    • The base difficulty is the highest difficulty of all abilities the Violet wishes to target, +4 per each additional mutation
    • Treat the Violet’s activation roll as the activation roll for all mutations successfully mimicked

Mutation - Mimicry

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