Mutation - Chronokinesis

Mutation – Chronokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Agility + Intelligence)

  • Time Control
    • The character can speed up or slow down the amount of time it takes to perform extended actions
    • Each tier of success reduces the time required by half for each interval
  • Precision
    • Slowing down her relative time frame, the Violet gives herself all the time in the world to complete an action
    • The Violet can use this ability to lower a difficulty by her activation roll
    • This ability only applies to things that are difficult as a result of the passing of time, such as trying to shoot a speedster

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Scientific Expertise / Physics)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add Scientific Expertise / Physics to your activation rolls
  • Time Slip
    • For every tier of your activation success, your character can take an additional action and ignores one step penalty to multiple actions in a single turn. Further, you can use your ability to contest attacks against you. If your activation roll surpasses the attack roll, your character can harmlessly avoid the attack. This ability cannot be used for vehicles you pilot.
  • Time Bubble
    • Your character can create a temporal bubble around herself, shunting everything in the bubble out of the time stream into a timeless state. For everything in the bubble, time goes on as normal but no time outside the bubble passes. Once the time bubble has been created, the Violet is stuck in the temporal shift and has to wait for time to expire as normal before using her power once more.
    • The amount of time the Violet can maintain the time bubble for depends on the activation roll: 1 turn (3 seconds) is Easy, 10 Turns (30 seconds) is Average, 1 Minute is Hard, 10 Minutes is Formidable, 30 minutes is Heroic, 1 hour is Incredible, 1 day is Ridiculous, and 1 week is Impossible. The Violet can voluntarily lower the amount of time after a successful activation roll.
    • At its base power, the Time Bubble only surrounds herself. A small closet adds a +4 difficulty, a small room a +8 difficulty, and so on.

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(A Moment In Time, Math Whiz, Walking Time Piece)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add an Asset rating to all activation rolls
  • A Frame In Time
    • Pick out any object, your character can change the age of the object to any time she wishes as long as the object was in existence. She could turn a 100 year old man into a newborn baby or age a laser pistol long past the point of it wasting away
    • Each Difficulty Tier determines how big of an object the character can target: handheld objects are Easy, a large dog is Average, a person is Hard, a hovercraft is Formidable, a Skiff is Heroic, a small transport is Incredible, a gun boat is Ridiculous, and a cruiser is Impossible
  • Time Immunity
    • Your character is completely immune to the ravages of time and can choose to exist in any time state she wishes. Further, she’s immune to any anomalies that affect her relative time frame. The world around her my age at an alarming rate, but her body continues to age how she wishes.

Mutation - Chronokinesis

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