Mutation - Biokinesis

Mutation – Biokinesis

Nova-Tier Ability

(Vitality + Intelligence)

  • Augmented Traits
    • The Violet can alter his own body to have a single trait from any creature. The further genetically removed from the “mammalian” family the creature is, the higher the difficulty. For example, eye color (another human trait) is easy.
      • For reference, us the following table: a different is Easy, a different Genus is Average, a different Family is Hard, a different Order is Formidable, a different Class is Heroic, a different Phylum is Incredible, a different Kingdom is Ridiculous, and a different Domain is Impossible
  • Augmented Capabilities
    • The Violet can grant himself a +1 Step per activation Tier to any Attribute, or split the bonus granted from the roll among multiple Attributes. Note this can only be activated once per Scene.

Supernova-Tier Ability


  • Power Augmentation
    • Add Survival with any “relevant” specialty to the roll
  • Augmented Features
    • The Violet gains 1 “point” per activation Tier of this ability which can be spent in the following ways: +1W Armor Rating, +1W to a natural weapon rating, +5 to the character’s base movement speed, +1W damage per turn natural poison (administered however the Violet wishes), +2S / +1W Regeneration per turn, +1 Life Point, and so on. Other abilities are possible using this power, subject to GM discretion.
    • The Violet may only augment one feature per roll of this ability
  • Bio-Technology
    • This ability allows the Violet to grow a biological component that mimics a certain piece of technology. Most technology is Easy to Hard, but new-tech devices increase the difficulty further. Use the crafting rolls as guidelines for difficulties. The Violet cannot mimic a piece of technology bigger than her own size.
  • Environmental Adaptation
    • This ability augments the Violet’s body so that he can survive in a native environment he’s exposed to, activated reflexively when the Violet first encounters the environment. The difficulty required by the activation roll depends on the hostility of the environment: surviving in an environment where life is plentiful is Easy to Hard, surviving in extreme environments where life can barely flourish is Formidable-Heroic, while completely inhospitable environments range from Incredible to Impossible.

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Healthy as a Horse, Home on the Range, Nature Lover)

  • Power Augmentation
    • Add one of the following assets on your activation rolls: Healthy as a Horse, Heavy Tolerance, Nature Lover
  • Manipulate Biology
    • Apply any of the Supernova-Tier abilities to another living creature, duration depends on the activation roll: making a change that lasts an hour is easy, making a change that lasts a day is average, making a change that lasts a week is hard, making a change that lasts a month is heroic, making a change that lasts a year is incredible, making a change that lasts a decade is ridiculous, making a permanent change is impossible

Mutation - Biokinesis

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