Tia Chen
Segovia Saintclaire

Segovia, darling, where have you been!

Good to hear from you dear, and it couldn’t have come at a moment too soon. Some high ranking Alliance officials were poking around the guild, asking about you. They were wanting to know where you were and asking for a list of all your recent clients, pretty much every record we have of you. They didn’t say why they were looking for you, they wouldn’t even say if you’d done anything wrong. They just kept demanding records and spent a good few hours combing over everything then they just crammed it all into boxes and walked out with it. The nerve!

Of course I’ll black mark Arden, if that is even his real name. I’m so sorry things went poorly for you dear, seems to not be your month is it? And a slaver on top of it all? He must be quite the scoundrel to pull one over on you. I’ll be sure to give him a piece of my mind if I see him out and about, that’s for certain!

I have a few of your things that I slipped out of one of the boxes from the guild hall, I’d like to give them to you when you can make your way back to the Core. Maybe we can catch up while you’re here? I’d sure like to know what’s been going on with you lately. Sounds like an interesting story! I’m currently on Ariel entertaining clients, hope to hear from you soon my lovely.

- Tia


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