Crew Log


Session 176 AP6 VAP
Session 166 AP4 VAP
Session 164 AP3 VAP
Session 155 AP6 VAP
Session 145 AP5 VAP
Session 134 AP6 VAP
Session 124 AP5 VAP
Session 115 AP4 VAP
Session 104 AP2 VAP
Session 95 AP4 VAP
Session 87 AP5 VAP
Session 76 AP6 VAP
Session 65 AP5 VAP
Session 56 AP5 VAP
Session 45 AP6 VAP
Session 38 AP6 VAP
Session 25 AP5 VAP
Session 18 AP6 VAP

Bonus VAP
Decided to give out VAP for site work. I’ve added VAP to both Annie and Segovia’s XP pages. Segovia VAP for recent work on characters and Annie for NPCs from pre-game that were outside the maximum 4 NPC limit.

Extra Rewards
Both Annie and Segovia gain the Call to Arms and Unlocked Potential Assets (granted by the Sovereign Violet). No VAP needs to be spent for these Assets.

What is VAP?
VAP is spent on Violet Hive Assets only. We’re changing the costs for Violet Assets to 3 VAP (down from 5 VAP). So your d4 in Alate Violet takes up 6 of your 17 VAP.

AP Costs?

Attribute8 AP
Asset5 AP / d2
Violet Asset3 VAP / d2
Skill2 AP

NOTE: Each trait cannot be increased by more than one step per game.

Crew Log

Violet Hill Jonathonathon