Segovia Saintclaire


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Initiative: (Agility + Alertness) d12 + d12       Life Points: (Vitality + Willpower) 24
Endurance: (Vitality + Willpower) d12 + d2 + d10       Resistance: (Vitality + Vitality) d10 + d10


Agility d12 Strength d4 Vitality d10
Alertness d12 Intelligence d12 Willpower d12 + d2


Animal Handling d6    (+ d4 to all from asset)
Artistry d6
Athletics d6
Covert d2
Discipline d6
          Concentration d12 + d8
Guns d4
Heavy Weapons
Influence d6
          Morale d10
          Persuasion d12 + d6
          Seduction d12
Knowledge d4    (+ d4 to all from asset)
Mechanical Engineering *
Linguist * d4 (Mandarin) (White)
Medical Expertise d6     ( + d10 to all from asset)
Melee Weapons
Perception d6
          Empathy d12
Performance d6
          Violin d8
Pilot * d6     (+ d10 to all from asset)
Planetary Vehicles d6
Ranged Weapons
Scientific Expertise *
Survival d2
Technical Engineering *
Unarmed Combat d6
          Akido d12


  • Allure d8
    • With Allure, you gain a skill step die bonus on all actions keyed to appearance, such as: seduction, negotiation, persuasion, or winning beauty pageants.
  • Highly Educated d4       “Hmmm, yes I know about that, read a book on it once.”
    • bonus on Intelligence rolls to any Knowledge-based skill
  • Fightin’ Type d4
    • You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty. For example, if you move and shoot in the same turn, your shot will not suffer the normal –1 step Skill penalty.
  • Brawler d4
    • do basic damage instead of stun with unarmed, trait die is added as additional damage to any unarmed attack, can make called shots to vital areas to deliver Wound damage, rather than Basic damage
  • Steady Calm d8
    • Bonus to Willpower to avoid shaken, frightened, startled, intimidation, interrogation
  • Born Behind the Wheel d10
    • Bonus to Pilot, +2 steps on PP spending. That means that if you spend 1 Plot Point to get a d2, it gets increased to a d6.
  • Sawbones d10
    • Bonus to medical rolls, +2 steps on PP spending, which means if you spend 1 Plot Point to get a d2, it gets increased to a d6.
  • Home on the Range d4
    • +2 Skill step to rolls you make when working with animals
    • any bonus die you get from spending Plot Points is increased by a +2 step. That means that if you spend 1 Plot Point to get a d2, it gets increased to a d6.
  • Registered Companion d2
    • You possess an active license in the Companion Registry, which legally permits you to do business throughout the system.
    • +2 step Skill bonus to Influence-based actions in dealing with those who respect your station.


  • Memorable d6       “I remember her…how could I forget.”
    • You’re easily identified. Others gain a +3 step Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness.
  • Things Don’t Go Smooth d4       “The ’verse is not on your side.”
    • GM can force you to re-roll 1/session.
  • All Preened Up d4
    • Addicted to style, always look good, shopaholic.
  • Lightweight d4
    • Your grandma could drink you under the table. Your Trait die is added to the Difficulty of all attempts to resist alcohol, drugs, disease, poisons, radiation, and environmental conditions.
  • Stir Crazy d2
    • penalty to resist (willpower) doing odd things if cooped up overly long
  • Credo d4       “Family always looks after family…and family is who you love not necessarily about blood.”
    • Minor Trait, pick a credo that will get you into minor trouble. Examples: You will always defend a lady’s honor, you never run from a fight.


Can hold 24 charges and have unlimited numbers in my Hive.

The Sovereign’s Impulse: Community

A Sovereign with the Community Impulse develops a Hive that puts each others above all else. Her Hive is marked by a certain closeness that compels them to stay in groups and work together. Complications arise when two Drones with contrasting personalities are compelled to stay with one another despite the mismatch in their personalities. This Impulse can also create problems if a member of the Hive is in danger and helping another member of the Hive can even conflict with the Drone’s current objectives.



  • Sovereign Violet d8
    • members of hive can access the Alates other Hive Assets up to d6 Rating
    • hive members can spend plot points on behalf of another member of the Hive once per scene, to a maximum of half their Violet Sovereign’s Asset rating for a single roll
    • Each member of the Hive can sense how many charges every other member has, what their relative health is (rough estimate of stun / wound suffered), and any maledictions the Hive member is currently suffering from.
  • Light Efficiency d2
    • charge in half the exposure time (2 hours instead of 4), can store two additional charges, can go twice as long before losing a charge (Vitality instead of [Vitality / 2] days).
  • Stronger Together d8
    • Violets of a single Hive add this Asset die rating to any roll that directly benefits a member of their Hive. This could be anything from aiding them on an action (whether limited or full assistance) or intervening in an attack that targets them directly. It also applies to social rolls made among Hive members and for each member of the Hive to resist any form of mental influence that would cause them to betray or otherwise harm a member of their Hive.
  • Collective Mutation d8
    • d2 Rating: When activating mutation, can take -1 step penalty to Attributes to affect one additional member of Hive within line of sight, cannot use Asset if the penalty reduces either Attributes to 0. Each member of the Hive can only benefit from one additional mutation at a time.
    • d4+ Rating: For each die rating above d2 the Violet has, she can accept an additional step penalty to allow her mutation to benefit an additional Hive member within line of sight, to a maximum of half this Asset rating in additional Hive members. This also applies to the number of additional mutations a Violet in the Hive can benefit from, meaning each Violet can benefit from a number of additional mutations equal to half this Asset rating. As with the d2 Rating, if the Violet reduces either Attribute to 0 she cannot attempt use this Asset.
  • Share Charges d6
    • d2 Rating: One member of the Hive can spend expend a single charge as an action and grant that charge to another member of the Hive. This Asset also allows the Violet to take an action to touch one other Hive member and transfer a single charge.
    • d4 Rating: When one member of the Hive expends a single charge, another member of the Hive on their next turn can also act as though they expended a single charge as well (without actually having to spend one). The Violet at this rating can also either transfer two charges at once to a single person with a single action or transfer one charge to two people as a single action (assuming they’re all touching).
    • d6 Rating: As the d4 Rating, except one additional member of the Hive can also act as though they had expended a charge on their next turn. The Violet an also transfer three charges to one Violet with a single action or up to three charges to up to three Hive members (split any way the Violet wishes) with a single action. Both the benefactor and the recipient must be touching in order to transfer Charges.
  • Hive Adoption d4
    • can treat another Violet Drones as though they were a member of her Hive. This requires the Alate Violet spent a plot point to do so for the scene and doesn’t require an action. For each additional rank purchased above d2 in this Asset, the Alate Violet can adopt an additional Drone Violet for the scene by spending an additional plot point (to a maximum of half this Asset rating in Drone Violets in a single scene). This asset circumvents the normal rule that a Violet Drone can only belong to one Hive, and a Violet Drone that is already a part of a Hive that gets “adopted” is considered to be a part of both Hives for the scene.
  • Violet Siren d4
    • This Asset allows the Violet to add her Sovereign Violet rating to all mundane rolls that target a Violet creature. Mundane rolls targeting Violets also become valid actions to benefit from the Violet Mastery ability.
  • Violet Clairvoyance d8
    • The most advanced Sovereigns have the ability to tap directly into their violet particles and sense their surroundings. The Violet can concentrate to remotely view any location that she’s been to or at least one of her Hive has been to. The Sovereign perceives the area in real time using her innate senses (senses from Mutations can’t be used). She can also roll her Universal Mutation roll to attempt to discern any specific criteria for her viewing, but can only do so in real time (ie. she can’t see the past or the future).
  • Synergistic Mutations d6
    • Particularly stout Sovereigns gain the ability to fuse different mutations together in a single activation. With this Asset, the Sovereign can use her activation roll to gain the effect of two different mutations in a single action, provided they both apply to the same target.
  • Unlimited Power d4
    Even if the Violet expends her light reserves, she’s far from out of the fight. This Asset allows the Violet to substitute one Stun damage for a single light charge. The cost of this doubles each time the Violet uses it in the same scene (2 Stun for the second charge, 4 stun for the third charge, and so on) and the Violet can only heal the Stun damage taken from this Asset naturally.
  • Potent Power d8
    Violets normally use their Alate or Drone Asset rating as the damage rating for offensive powers. Each d2 purchased in this Asset provides an additional +1 increase to the Violet’s damage rating. For example, a Violet with a Drone Violet Asset d4 and a Potent Power Asset d6 would deal a d10 damage with her offensive power.

Segovia Saintclaire

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