Sauder Liu

Arden's Pilot



Agility d10 Strength d8 Vitality d10
Alertness d12 Intelligence d8 Willpower d10


Animal Handling
Athletics d6
Covert d6
          Forgery d10
Discipline d6
Guns d6
          Pistols d12
          Rifles d12
Heavy Weapons d6
Influence d6
          Persuasion d12
Mechanical Engineering * d6
          Repair d10
Linguist * d2 (Mandarin)
Medical Expertise
Melee Weapons d6
          Knives d12
Perception d6
Pilot * d6
          Mid Bulk Transports d12
Planetary Vehicles d6
Ranged Weapons
Scientific Expertise *
Survival d4
Technical Engineering * d4
Unarmed Combat d6


  • Fightin’ Type d4
    • You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty. For example, if you move and shoot in the same turn, your shot will not suffer the normal –1 step Skill penalty.
  • Brawler d6
    • do basic damage instead of stun with unarmed, trait die is added as additional damage to any unarmed attack, can make called shots to vital areas to deliver Wound damage, rather than Basic damage
  • Born Behind the Wheel d6
    • bonus to pilot
  • Cortex Specter d6


  • Dark Secret d8
    • his younger sister was one of the slave’s that Arden sold, Sauder originally joined the crew to find her, but when he learned she was dead he’s slowly been working towards crumbling Arden’s empire from the inside, he’s even working with the Alliance to bring him and his crew to justice


I finally found the sonofabitch that sold Sidney. Weaseled my way onto his ship, but fat lot of good it did me. I found out where he sold her, who he sold her to, but it was too late. The piece of shit that bought her beat her to death before I had even tracked Arden down. Hell, I don’t even know where she’s buried. What I do know is that I’m going to make Arden pay. That slaving whore. I’m going to tear down his little empire from the inside.

And then he goes and gets himself a companion. At first I thought she was working with him, helping him launder his money through her account because he was cutting her into the profit…but when she’d make breakfast for the crew…humming while she did….and set my plate down, the way she’d smile at me, and touch my shoulder….I could feel it in my gut this girl was naive to what was going on. I couldn’t blow my cover, but on more than one occassion I suggested she find another ship…she’d always just shrug me off…I realized she just thought I didn’t like her. So, I made friends with the girl, taught her to pilot, got to know her. And the more I did the more I liked her…the more I had to remind myself of my sister and why I was there to begin with. Once my repore with Segovia was pretty solid I suggested again…hell I even made a pass at her to try and make her uncomfortable, thinking she’d pack up and go…didn’t work, she just smiled and kissed me on the cheek and didn’t mention it again. I convinced myself she was a grown ass woman who should be able to take care of herself, but I always felt shitty for not being flat with her, telling her to get off the damn boat. Felt shittier when I realized she was starting to fall for that piece of shit Arden. I couldn’t let her just waste her life…so I made sure she over heard something Arden didn’t mean for her to….and her reaction…fuck me, she really had no clue. She was angry and hurt and I wanted nothing more than to pack both our bags and take her off the boat…but I had to see it through for Sid. When Arden got rough with her….close fisted hit her in the face, pulled her up by the hair and then started strangling her, I drew my pistol…I decided right there to kill the motherfucker, but Noah was quicker…the old Doc had Arden pushed back and Segovia behind him quicker than I could clear my holster. Noah just said to dump her off, and I made damn sure she had her ident card and her credits….I saw the look of betrayal in her eyes as the cargo door closed, but honestly…best damn thing that coulda happened to that sweet girl.


  • somber and quiet, doesn’t talk about his family or his past at all, keeps to himself
  • often sleeps in the bridge, feet propped up on the console and hands behind his head
  • trained with Arden to get good at knife fighting…was always more rough than he should have been, often ended “sparring” sessions with cuts for both of them that the good Doc would dermal mend up
  • never drinks, says he hates that “cloudy” feeling
  • lied about his last name to Arden, but didn’t lie about his first name…because he wanted to hear the motherfucker say his name

Sauder Liu

Violet Hill GMJJ