Reilly Janes



Reilly Janes has lead a fairly unexceptional life. He does small time computer repair and programming, he pays his bills, he has a shitty apartment on Ariel. But Reilly Janes isn’t really the name he goes by. it’s WRA1TH. The notorious hacker who even bust his way through some of the Alliance Military-grade server tech, he’s well known for leaking tons of confidential information to the Alliance and just overall being a pain in the ass. One of the most wanted cyber-criminals in the Verse, actually. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him thought. Just a young guy with a cocky smirk and a few handfuls of tech on his person, usually slurping down a soda or shoving some protein bars down his face.

He talks like he’s from the streets but that’s only because if he talks like he normally does no one understands a word he says. He sees the world differently which makes it easy for him to lose touch. But there’s something about the way he look sat his crew, something about the way they look at him. He’s found a home on board the umbra, and people that want him around despite (or maybe even because of) his past.

Unlike anyone else on the ship, Reilly runs his mouth a lot. You get the feeling he’s pretty good in a fight but he’s nothing compared to the elite military crewmen he rides with. Maybe that’s why he talks such a big game, to try and earn their respect. Deep down he knows respect isn’t given, it’s earned. Deep down he knows he already has it from the crew. The way they look at him, the way they count on him, the way they put their lives in his hands. They’ve all been through a lot, but deep down somehow Reilly still thinks he doesn’t quite measure up. He’s too proud to ever admit it, and his crew cares about him too much to ever call him out on it. But he definitely has something to prove to someone. Maybe, if he’s really, really honest with himself, that someone isn’t anyone on board his ship.


Reilly Janes

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