Olivier Grosz



There’s just something off about him. Something about the scowl that his face seems to be permanently stuck in that says “stay away from me”. The way he moves, the way he stands, the way he sizes people up as if ticking through all the ways he could hurt them in his head. He’s just got this aura about him that’s uncomfortable to be around. He doesn’t say hardly anything, he just watches everyone around him. Almost like he’s waiting for something.

He’d be completely out of place if it weren’t for how his crew treated him. They talk with him, they occasionally ask him to take care of something or for his help, and he does. All without saying a single word to them. It’d be unnerving for anyone else but for some reason they’re all used to it. Sometimes when he thinks no one is watching he works his palm with the other hand’s thumb, almost like he’s trying to rub off something that’s stained his hand. But there’s nothing there, at least not that you can see.

No record, no history, no past, no future. Even more so than anyone else on the ship, Olivier is a ghost with the haunting expression on his face to match. Sometimes you catch him walking around the ship with his shirt off, and you notice the tattoo of the pair of wings on his arm. The rest of the crew doesn’t bring it up and you get the feeling it’s out of respect, but don’t you want to know?


Olivier Grosz

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