Markus Romero



Markus is one of Mycah’s original crew. They grew up together, they trained together, they fought with one another. When the Alliance realized that these tight knit camps resulted in loyalties to one another before the Alliance as a whole, the program was disbanded. Those that were brought up in the camps, however, remain in active military service. For the most part they perform just as well as the “new batch” of troops, but every now and then one of their former members comes into conflict and loyalties become divided.

Much like the rest of his group, Markus is exceptionally nondescript. He blends in well with his surroundings, is quiet and used to the harsh and unfair conditions of the solider’s life. For all his stoic demeanor, a rage lurks inside Markus’ soul which emerged when he begins to wield his mutation.

Mutation – Pyrokinesis
Hive Mutation – Take an additional Second Wind 1/day but only heal half the result (rounded up)


Markus Romero

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