Margaret "Mags" Kingsley

Captain of the King's Gambit




  • Levi Kingsley: Engineer, genius, brother, general pain in the ass.
  • Enoch McTaggart: Security, muscle, eye-candy, gentleman, her rock, her love.
  • Florence Chim: Ace Pilot, well-read, good-mannered, tough-lovin’, classy lady. Bestie.
  • Annie Rose: Missing, precious, frustrating, infuriating, adorable brat.



I ain’t good with goodbyes, don’t think I could do it face to face, so… consider that what this is. You got me this far, but now it’s high time I try and see what I can do on my own. I’m not a kid anymore and you don’t got a use for another mechanic with Levi around anyhow.

Tell everyone- Hell. I dunno, tell ’em whatever you want, I guess.

Thanks for everything, Mags. I mean it. You know I ain’t good at thank yous either, but you let me have a family again, so yeah.
I’ll find the Gambit again when I’ve learned how to stand on my own two feet.


p.s. I took your perfume, hope you don’t mind. Sorry.


  • Born in the Core, Mags decided to be an M.D. from an early age with a strong desire to help people.
  • After graduating from Med School, while she was working at the hospital in Osiris over the years she became completely disenfranchised with the bureaucracy surrounding the medical practice there. It wasn’t what she imagined it would be, and there were people who needed medical care and she wasn’t allowed to treat them. Lack of money, lack of insurance, too far down the wait list because you didn’t know the right people, all were valid reasons to deny care.
  • One day, working a rotation in pediatrics a 10 year old girl was brought in. Malnourished, no parents, no ident card, had clearly been living on the street and was in dire need of proper care. Mags lost her while waiting for the bureaucrats to approve treatment.
  • She was so angry she quit right then and there.
  • Heartbroken over the situation and unable to forget the little girl’s face Mags turned to drink to forget.
  • Her brother, the family disappointment, decided it was time to bring in the big guns to keep his big sis from killing herself with drink. His sis’ closest friend, Florence.
  • Florence dragged her friend out to the ass end of no where and put her to work in a settlement with an abundance of mining accidents and not nearly enough medical access. She gifted her friend with a purpose.
  • After doing what she could at that settlement, Mags sunk all of her savings in to a shiny new cargo vessel, and the shiny medical equipment to transform it, and named it the King’s Gambit.
  • The main purpose of the Gambit is to serve as a mobile medical unit out in the Rim where good medical care is impossible to find.
  • But people, namely her crew, have got to eat so they pick up mostly legitimate cargo runs here and there, as well as the occasional passengers.


  • Loves a good game of Chess
  • Stays away from alcohol completely now, doesn’t feel she can trust herself around it.
  • Stocks up on fruit and fruit-flavored candies to keep her occupied when she’s got a hankering to drink.
  • Got Levi to build an impressive hydroponics bay on ship. Grows food and herbs to supplement meals, but also a wide selection of medicinal plants. Those plants are kept separated.
  • The only one allowed to call Florence “Flo.”
  • Always wears perfume that smells of vanilla and rose.
  • Every member of the crew made personal sacrifices to help fuel her dream. There’s not much she wouldn’t do to repay them for that. Above all they are family.

Margaret "Mags" Kingsley

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