Liarra Saintclaire

bad ass rancher lady, Segovia's Grandma

Initiative: (Agility + Alertness) d8 + d12       Life Points: (Vitality + Willpower) 24
Endurance: (Vitality + Willpower) d12 + d12       Resistance: (Vitality + Vitality) d12 + d12


Agility d8 Strength d6 Vitality d12
Alertness d12 Intelligence d8 Willpower d12


Animal Handling d6
          Horses d10
Athletics d6
Craft d6
          Ferrior d8
Discipline d6
          Concentration d8
Guns d6
          Pistols d12
          Rifles d12
Heavy Weapons
Influence d6
          Leadership d10
Mechanical Engineering * d4
Linguist *
Medical Expertise
Melee Weapons d2
Perception d6
Pilot *
Planetary Vehicles d4
Ranged Weapons d4
Scientific Expertise *
Survival d6
Technical Engineering *
Unarmed Combat d6


  • Fightin’ Type d4
    • You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty. For example, if you move and shoot in the same turn, your shot will not suffer the normal –1 step Skill penalty.
  • Brawler d4
    • do basic damage instead of stun with unarmed, trait die is added as additional damage to any unarmed attack, can make called shots to vital areas to deliver Wound damage, rather than Basic damage
  • Steady Calm d6
    • Bonus to Willpower to avoid shaken, frightened, startled, intimidation, interrogation
  • Share Owner d2
    • Owns O’Hare Ranch, makes a steady and nice income off of it, able to employ several ranch hands as well.
  • Home on the Range d4
    • +2 Skill step to rolls you make when working with animals
    • any bonus die you get from spending Plot Points is increased by a +2 step. That means that if you spend 1 Plot Point to get a d2, it gets increased to a d6.


  • Second Class Citizen d2
    • even though Liarra makes good money at what she does and is well respected by the locals, Alliance type folk only view her as farm trash.
  • Wisecracker d2
    • Liarra can’t not take the chance to make a good joke, folk need a laugh when they can


Primary Mutation – Mutation – Picnokinesis
Secondary Mutation – Mutation – Regeneration



  • her and her husband made a living for themselves with horses, bought some land and have grown and nurtured it into a full blown ranch
  • although the core don’t think too highly of her, her fine bred horses have been known to carry many an official Alliance folk, she even had breeding requests from some of the hoity-toity core ranches
  • her husband died of a heart attack, she misses him dearly, but all the ranch hands love her so, they pitched in and helped her keep things going, now the ranch is flourishing once again
  • suspects that her son was murdered, has spend a pretty penny on private investigators to look into it, but they haven’t gotten anywhere


  • not a stranger of or shy of hardwork
  • misses her son and her granddaughter fiercely, really pissed at the Aunt for putting Segovia into a companion house
  • kind lady, a bit crude though and if you piss her off she’s not above laying a man out
  • all the ranch hands she employs think very very highly of her and would lay down their life for her
  • hopes her granddaughter will come back to the ranch, marry a ranch boy and settle down

Liarra Saintclaire

Violet Hill GMJJ