Levi Kingsley

Engineer, King's Gambit



Levi has always been a free-spirit, much to his parents chagrin, while Mags was always the golden child. She pursued a “respectable” occupation while baby brother mucked around in engine grease up tho his elbows. He finds it endlessly amusing that his hoity-toity parents now have two disappointments to lie about to their friends instead of just the one.

He is relentlessly optimistic regardless of any situation he finds himself in, he is also the friendliest of all the crew members. His demeanor inclines folks to trust him rather than not, and they’re right to trust him when it comes to anything important, but when there’s nothing at stake he has a bad habit of amusing himself spinning tales. He likes to see how tall his tales can get before folk stop believing it to be true. He almost always fesses up in the end.

Casually affectionate with his family.

Easily loses track of time when immersed in a project. A not-so-closet-nerd, it’s easy to get him monologing about his work.


Levi Kingsley

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