Jasmine Ellis



A country girl living on a farm on Harvest, the crew ran across her when the farmland was laid to waste by an Alliance Patrol boat. Held up in her mostly-collapsed home fending off a dozen Alliance Officers with her daddy’s revolver, the crew came upon the shoot out and quickly dispatched the remaining Alliance troopers.

She later found her father shot to death by heavy ordinance in an old satellite field which was used as a communication relay a long time past. Having fallen into disrepair from lack of use now that the quantum state satellites are the Verse’s preferred method of communication, the father daughter duo still managed to maintain most of the satellites.

More than she first appeared to be, jasmine is a gifted mechanical engineer and an expert in robotics and communication software. She intercepted an encoded Alliance transmission wherein she learned about the Red and a small piece of their plan for the Verse, which the Alliance quickly moved to silence.

Distraught after the loss of her father and used to growing up in isolation with only her father and robots to keep her company, Jasmine is doing her best to adjust to her new life made that much easier by her mutation. Trained by her father in the art of war and refined by Olivier’s intense sessions, Jasmine quickly became a formidable combatant and is anxious to repay the Alliance Military for all the anguish they caused her

Violet Mutation

Mutation – Biokinesis
Hive Mutation (Locked): Re-roll second wind die roll, take the highest rating


Jasmine Ellis

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