Enoch McTaggart

Security, King's Gambit



Enoch was serving as first mate on the ship Florence chartered to take Mags out to the Rim. He thought she was cruel to take the broken woman he met in Mags on a journey that far, and he failed to see the point in it. The transformation she went through when she saw people that needed tending to was damn near miraculous, however. Not that he didn’t notice the effort it took her to stay off her drink, or the hand tremors from withdrawal that she did her best to hide. He did what little he could to help her, even if that was only to draw attention away from her when she was feeling her worst.

He liked to think that he was a good first mate, responsible, took care of the ship and the crew, but it was just a job. He’d never had much passion for it. Not like Mags did. When he heard her plans It wasn’t a hard decision for him to throw his lot in with hers, even though she thought it was. He didn’t see that there was much point of anything anymore without this crazy, contradictory, big-hearted, woman around.

He was getting real tired of the smug expression Florence had whenever she glanced his way. Like she’d known something all along that he was just figuring out.


Mutation – Power
Hive Bonus: Re-roll a single physical attribute roll once per scene


Enoch McTaggart

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