Decklan Oshae



The Umbra crew first encountered Decklan at the Scoundrel Classic on Blue Heaven where he was one of the front-runners for the title. Quietly reading by himself in a corner, he spurned all company for the evening despite the numerous propositions from interested parties that could surely utilize his skills. Despite this, he welcomed the group to join him at his table.

Even with his seemingly impressive skill set, Segovia quickly sifted through his thoughts and determined he was ex-Alliance and a former member of the Operative program. While peeling away at his recent history, Decklan noticed her comments were a little too insightful and her demeanor a little too intense. It didn’t take him long to piece together what was going on.

The group decided to be forthcoming about what they were and after a few general questions, Decklan was quick to show interest in the crew of the Umbra. He stated that the Alliance was in an arms race and for all his skill, he wasn’t able to keep up with the Reds which meant it was just a matter of time until they caught up with him.


Decklan Oshae

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