Arden Von Hale

Arms Dealer, Captain

Initiative: (Agility + Alertness) d10 + d10       Life Points: (Vitality + Willpower) 22
Endurance: (Vitality + Willpower) d10 + d12       Resistance: (Vitality + Vitality) d12 + d12


Agility d10 Strength d10 Vitality d12
Alertness d10 Intelligence d8 Willpower d10


Animal Handling
Athletics d6
Covert d6
Discipline d6
Guns d6
          Pistols d12
          Rifles d12
Heavy Weapons d6
Influence d6
          Barter d10
          Persuasion d12
Mechanical Engineering * d4
Linguist * d2 (Mandarin)
Medical Expertise
Melee Weapons d6
          Knives d12
Perception d6
Pilot * d4
Planetary Vehicles d4
Ranged Weapons d4
Scientific Expertise *
Survival d6
Technical Engineering * d4
Unarmed Combat d6
          Boxing d12


  • Fightin’ Type d4
    • You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty. For example, if you move and shoot in the same turn, your shot will not suffer the normal –1 step Skill penalty.
  • Brawler d6
    • do basic damage instead of stun with unarmed, trait die is added as additional damage to any unarmed attack, can make called shots to vital areas to deliver Wound damage, rather than Basic damage
  • Steady Calm d6
    • Bonus to Willpower to avoid shaken, frightened, startled, intimidation, interrogation
  • Share Owner d6
    • Arden owns a major stake in several Tong businesses and they generate a lot of income for him.


  • Dark Secret d6
    • Those Tong businesses include the buying and selling of slaves…and not just that, but he’s actually still with the Tong, spying on the Alliance for them.
  • Rebellious d4
    • Arden might report to the Alliance, but it doesn’t mean he likes it.
  • Amorous d4


  • street rat on Osiris, got in heavy with the tongs and ended up being a “kill boy”, a child assassin
  • rose in the ranks of the Tong and slowly, and secretly, bought shares as he got older
  • has become a predominant Tong member/owner
  • got into Arms shipments with the Alliance, on paper “technically” works for the Alliance, but is stealing from them and using that as a cover to help out his Tong
  • buys and sells slaves, arms deals, drug deals
  • despite being a pretty “bad guy” his crew is very loyal, he knew just what buttons to push to keep them as such; one guy he pays for his mom’s nursing home fees, another he put his sister through medical school and kept her off the street


  • manipulative and charismatic, knows just what to say and when to say it
  • gambles a lot
  • seems to really care about his crew
  • can be jekyll and hyde, fine one second and blow up angry the next
  • skilled lover

Arden Von Hale

Violet Hill GMJJ