Violet Hill

Segovia's Notes - Game #8

The Reavers that fought the mining town were terrifying, but we were more prepared than last time so it went better. We kept the townsfolk safe and that was the whole point. It was still horrifying being so up close with them, but I stayed close to Oliver and that helped me be less afraid.

When we’d defeated the larger group of them, they rabbited…and we split off and chased them. Jasmine and Gabe ran one way and Oliver and I another. With just Oliver and I fighting 3 of them…they were more in my face than when we were fighting as a larger group—maybe Oliver was shielding me more than I realized? Having been in their minds…I should have been more afraid, but I wasn’t. Like the dog with rabies, I don’t fear it…I have healthy respect for what it can do,….and I feel sorry for it. These were once people, destroyed by a disease. I wonder if they can be saved. I don’t think I’ll tell everyone, probably just Gavin at first… but I want to try and help them if that’s possible. And Gavin might tell me it isn’t and that will be the end of it, but what if they can be helped….

After the Reavers were all destroyed we went and checked with the town to make sure they were safe. Annie disassembled the metal structures she’d build and the debris she’d used to kill the Reavers. The mayor was nice, but kind of mentioned on the side that people might wonder if we were still at their town. Maybe he could tell we were a bit tired and needed some R&R…and wanted to make sure we didn’t stay. I’m not sure, but he’s right, we can’t put down for too long, it’s too dangerous. But Annie had a few hours ahead of her in work to put things back to normal and I asked the Mayor if I could borrow two horses, he agreed. And Oliver and I got to go horseback riding together. It was wonderful. He’s an accomplished rider, although I’m fairly certain I could have bested him if I wasn’t so out of practice. I suppose we’ll have to find time to do this a bit more so I can get in practice.

I brought up to him that I had misunderstood some nonverbal and verbal queues and thought he was put off by me. I told him I’d read his mind because I had been pretty confused about the whole situation. And although he told me he didn’t mind me reading his mind I made sure to apologize for it…it just seems wrong to do that to people you care about. Oliver just looked at me like I was a bit insane…which I chuckled at, as he explained that of course he wasn’t put off by me, and that he was just trying to snap things into happening when people were in danger. He said he didn’t expect Annie and I to be tacticians right off the bat, that’s why he was trying to help. I explained after I read his mind I understood, but that I’d “given him space” over the last few days because I thought he didn’t really want me around. He just looked at me a bit funny….which I know is Oliver for “women are crazy”. I won’t deny it, he makes me feel a bit crazy. But we had a nice ride and as we were putting the horse tack up and grooming the horses we kissed a bit. It was unhurried and nice…and with the smells of the barn and animals in the air…I couldn’t help but think it would be nice to do this every day with him. Get up, do chores, ride horses together and kiss in the barn. Maybe someday we can have that, but for now I’ll settle just to have him.

We all headed back to the Umbra to take off once Annie called in that she was done with her work. Poor girl has more work than the share of us thanks to her powers, thankfully it seems like she likes it which is good, but next time we’re planet side somewhere a bit more ….. established, I’m going to suggest some R&R for either just her or her and Riley if she wants. Lord knows she’s earned a bit of a break…all that metal she moved…good lord.

We all decided it was time to talk to super human about everything and I reached out to them via cortex. They gave us some coordinates to meet them and off we went. It was a 3 day trip and I made it a point to practice with Oliver more on my Akido. We’re fighting a war and I was only so-so at hand to hand, I’m a lot better now. Granted I’m still terrible with guns, but Violet seems to be helping me along with unarmed so I think I’ll stick with that…plus it lets me stay close to Oliver during fights. And while my Violet mutation might keep me safe enough I don’t need his protect, I find having him close makes sure I don’t mentally freeze up. Seeing him spring into action makes me want to do the same…I don’t want to let him fight alone. Having the mentality to be able to fight is new for me….so I’m going to stick with what works. And secretly I think Gabe and Jasmine would work out very well together so I’m making sure they pair up too.

Training with Oliver is a bit different now that we’re…well I don’t know what he thinks we “are” but I’m going to say “together”. I don’t have any intention of being intimate with anyone else so to me that makes us a couple. I’m going to wait for, probably quite awhile, before I ask Oliver what he thinks we “are”. After that first time we kissed and I told him I could see us long term…I’m going to let that sit in the back of his mind for awhile and get used to the idea. I know he hasn’t been close to anyone aside from his crew and well…they left him…Oliver and I need to spend enough time together that he understands I’m not going to do the same before there’s any talk of “what we are”. I suppose people might see it as an odd match, but the more I’m around him the sweeter he is to me. Perhaps it’s his adaptability kicking in…but I don’t think so….I think this is Oliver and he just hasn’t had anyone to be Oliver around before. I’m glad I’m that person. Maybe I should wait to introduce him to Gran…I can see her telling me “slow down girl”, but I’ve always been very sure of my decisions. I know what’s in my heart and head. And honestly, with the universe in the state it’s in….why in the heavens would I not go after what I want.

We finally arrived at the Super Human location…only to find debris. The Alliance got to them. This is terrible news. Annie was a trouper and used her power to sort through the debris, I used mine to make sure there were no survivors and while I wallowed in the fact that our new friends were dead, Annie and Riley were piecing together clues of what happened. They tracked down random coordinates buried in a subroutine of one of the computer systems they were able to salvage.

We made the trek their and found a cryo pod, but using my telepathy I could tell whoever was inside wasn’t alive…imagine my surprise when we opened it up and out popped a woman….a Red.


Olivier + Segovia 4eva. +2 AP.

Segovia's Notes - Game #8

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