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Segovia's Notes - Game #7

Arden is alive. And I suppose I should have realized…realized that they’d be red. Noah and Sauder likely are too…and they’re under Arden’s control since it appears he’s a Sovereign. Not that they weren’t under his control before, but they’re alive, which means we can help them. I can help them. And we’re going to have to do something sooner than we thought because Arden, the new “Minister of Health”, has declared that Red will be given out for free…and that it’s optional and the perfect cure for diseases…the way he made it sound….he always was a smooth talker, he’s hoodwinking the ‘verse just like he did to me. Yes, I suppose Red is all those things, but it’s also a loss of freedom, a loss of control and a loss of self. We were all a bit dumbstruck over the whole announcement and took just a bit to collect ourselves…and for as much as we’re “connected” by this whole hive thing, we’re all still very much apart because when we needed to center ourselves we didn’t lean on each other, we all …. drifted off on our own. Maybe the lack of a Sovereign is getting to us?

Annie came to find me with Riley in tote…with “news”. Turns out that not only did Arden become the minister of health, even though he has zero medical training, but he also got married…to Mags. Poor Mags. Now he can add hostage taker to his list of evils…that bastard. I could tell Riley was worried about me knowing, and I can understand why…I did have a contract with Arden for two years. But how could I still care for a man who has done what he has? To distract ourselves from all this news and because the twins kind of had to, we went back to the Scoundrel Classic to “face George” about them cheating on the contest. And I must say, it was worth coming out for. George reprimanded the attendees for thinking being a scoundrel to win the Scoundrel Classic wasn’t allowed, he made them feel rather small in fact and somehow it was actually refreshing. I can see the appeal that others find in him. He is quite…charming, in a very raw sort of way. …….And then he got shot. With a rifle. Actually shot and was 100% fine, if not a little pissed. Clearly George is Red, I mean we knew that, but I guess I just didn’t realize how powerful he was. I’m now less surprised that he isn’t worried about what the Alliance is doing. He also offered me a job, as a doctor on Blue Heaven, and with what happened with the twins…watching them explode…thinking I’d killed them, that I was a murderer and knowing that I’m not cut out for the rebel life….well, I honestly considered George’s offer. And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t still sitting in the back of my mind.

Ben came on board with us to head to the planet that he believes the Reavers are going to attack. Annie and I also tried to do a bit of convincing to have him stay on board. I’m very truly hoping he’s wrong and that his “hive connection” ends up proving false, but the way our luck has been…

Three days to the planet and I’m feeling a bit lonely and confused about Oliver. He was, well…actually rather sweet about the whole thing that happened with the twins…the whole I exploded a person thing. I could tell he was genuinely concerned if I was ok or not…which is at odds with how annoyed and put out he was with me on Blue Heaven when the Reavers attacked. Not that I can blame him on that, what with how I freezed up in combat and almost cost civilians their lives. But then he was so concerned…I just can’t place him. And I hate using my telepathy on the crew….it just feels too intrusive, but I suppose since neither of us are honestly very accustomed to relationships I’m likely going to have to break my rule on that and get a read on him. I could go talk to him, but I just don’t think that will go very well. He’s basically the only man I’ve gotten tongue tied around and that I can’t seem to be very eloquent with. And he isn’t exactly astute with feminine motivations. So I finally bucked up the moxy and read his mind…and he’s just as confused as I am. He doesn’t seem annoyed by me or put off…if fact the whole situation I was worried over isn’t even on his mind. Instead he’s just really confused why we snogged, but I’m now ignoring him. And…well hell…I may have botched this. I didn’t realize how much easier a contract made all this.

Before I was able to work any nerve up to have a chat with Oliver we landed on the rim planet that Ben told us was going to be attacked. The town folks are all very interesting and honestly the place is actually rather charming so I wanted to be up front with them and Annie and I just made it clear why we were here. The mayor took it well and actually even believed us. I had even prepared myself to whammy him for the sake of the town, but it wasn’t needed. And it turns out, that’s because the town has run into strange things before…including Oliver…who the Mayor knows apparently pretty well. So if the town had reservations before it seems that having Oliver with us finished sealing the deal.

Annie used her abilities to get the town “Reaver ready” and I suggested that the citizens that couldn’t fight, and fight well, be secured someplace that it would be impossible for the Reavers to get to. Annie was able to craft a bank vault door for the town’s main mine and we moved enough supplies in there to keep them all comfortable for days. I actually feel pretty good about securing these people and think most of the town folks should be pretty safe. The mayor also told us that the town closest to them went radio silent…which isn’t a good thing. So we’ve decided to head that way and maybe intercept the Reavers before they even get to the town. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit terrified.


Segovia and Olivier are 99% of relationships in this world. And she can read minds. +2 AP.

Segovia's Notes - Game #7

Plus he even told her she could read his mind…probably knowing this was gonna happen.

Segovia's Notes - Game #7

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