Slang & Swearing



  • Crap, shit: Go shi
  • Oh, crap: Tzao Gao
  • Damn or damn it: Ta Ma Duh (literally “his mother’s…”), Gai Si, Ai Ya
  • I’m fucked: Wo Cao
  • My ass is fucked: Wo Pi Gu Cao
  • Stuff all the planets in the universe into my ass: Tai Kong Suo You Di Xing Qui Dou Sai Jin Wo De Pi Gu
  • Oh, Lord/Oh, God: Lao Tien Fu
  • Mother of god: Wuh De Ma
  • Dear god in heaven: Wo De Tian A


  • Junk: Fey Wu
  • Garbage: Luh Suh
  • Pig’s sty: Joo Fuen Chse
  • A big pile of shit: yī dà tuó dà biàn
  • Big stupid pile of stinking meat: Yi Da Dwei Bun Chou Roh
  • Accusing someone of lying, a ridiculous notion, or talking out of one’s ass: _Fuhn Pi_
  • Ass, bottom, posterior: _Pi Gu_
  • You’re mad/insane: Fa Feng
  • Idiot, moron: Buhn Dahn
  • Dumbass: _Chwen_
  • Fool: Sha Gwa
  • Bastard, jerk: Hwen Dan
  • Motherfucker: Ta Ma Duh
  • Demon woman: Yao Nu
  • Leader of a criminal operation: Sher Toh literally “snakehead,” derogatory.
  • Tyrant, iron-fisted ruler: Ba Wong
  • Despicable: Kuh Wu
  • Deserving of bad consequence or fate, “You asked for it!” “That’s what you get!”: Hwo Gai
  • Done for or imminent doom, screwed: Wong Dahn
  • Hell: Guai
  • Everybody, shut the hell up: Ni Men Dou Bi Zui
  • Go to hell: Chiu Se, literally “go die.”
  • Hey!: Wei
  • You wanna die?: Nee Tzao Se Mah?


  • Big brother: Ghuh or Ghuh-Ghuh
  • Big sister: Jieh or Jieh-jieh
  • Little brother: Di or Di-Di
  • Little sister: Mei or Mei-Mei
  • Miss: Shao Jeh literally “little lady.” Follows a name when addressing a known person
  • Mister: Shian Shen literally “born before me,” also follows a person’s name.
  • Fellow, bloke: Ja Hwo, also slang for weapon.
  • Friend, pal, buddy: Puhn Yoh

Real Talk

  • Yes: Shi
  • Greetings, hello there: Ni How
  • Come in: Ching Jin
  • What?: Shuh Muh?
  • Is that so?/Oh, really?: Shi Ma?
  • Understand: Dohn-ma for “understand?”, dohn-luh-mah for “are we clear here?”
  • Do we have an understanding? Do you get it?: Dohn luh mah
  • Not enough: Bu Goh
  • Of course: Dang ran
  • Thank you: Xie xie
  • Yeah, right (No, it’s not!): Cai Bu Shi
  • Nonsense: Fei Hua
  • Enough of this nonsense: Go Hwong Tong
  • Now, immediately, right away: Ma Shong
  • Impossible: Bu Kuh Nuhn
  • Trouble, problem, complication: Ma Fahn
  • Just our luck, what terrible luck: Zhen Dao Mei
  • Don’t worry: Fang Xin
  • No problem: Mei Wen Ti
  • Bottoms up: Gan Beyh, literally “dry cup.”


  • Awesome or extraordinarily clever: Gao Guhn
  • Brilliant: Jing tsai
  • Congratulations: Gohn Shi
  • Cool: Ku
  • Cute: Kuh Ai
  • Handsome: Shwai
  • Precious, darling, sweetheart, treasure: Bao Bei
  • Good or okay: How
  • Happy development or fortuitous turn of event: How Shi Sung Chung literally “a good show’s about to start,” can be used sarcastically.


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