Ship Construction


This page is for ship costs for construction and upgrades

Ship Attributes

Attributes are indicative of how sophisticated the ship’s feature, with the exception of Strength and Agility to a certain extent. Strength correlates directly to Tonnage while Agility correlates to the ship’s maneuverability (which is roughly correlated to the ship’s size). See page 108 for more info.

Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity is roughly related to the ship’s Strength (and Tonnage). See page 110 of the Core book for more info.

Ship Costs and Calculations

Here’s all the ship math in one place.

Determining Complexity

Lookup Value: All Attributes + All Assets - All Complications + (Total Skill Dice above the ship’s Intelligence Modifier x 2)

Lookup ValueComplexityCost
12-24Very Lowx0.4
44-48Very Highx2.4
50-54Really Highx3.4
56-60Super Highx4.6
62-66High Like Whoax6
68-72Holy Shit Highx7.6
74-78High as Adamx9.4
80-84High as Martinx11.4
86-90High as Ballsx13.6
92-96The Highestx16

Helpful Formulas

Base Cost: Tonnage x Speed Class x Complexity Modifier x 10
Yearly Maintenance: Tonnage x Complexity Modifier x 2

Missile Tonnage: Allot 1 Ton of Cargo space per 2,000 lbs of missiles
Missile Weight: (Bomb Weight x Range Multiplier)
Missile Cost: [Bomb Cost + (1 credit / 100 lbs of missile Weight)]
Cannon Single Shot Cost: Bomb Cost
Cannon Single Shot (Base Rounds) Weight: Bomb Weight x 2
Cannon Clip (Base Rounds) Weight: Cannon Ammo (Base Rounds) Weight x Number of Rounds Cannon Can Fire / 2,000
Cannon Single Shot (Electromagnetic Rounds) Weight: Bomb Weight
Cannon Clip (Electromagnetic Rounds) Weight: Cannon Ammo (Electromagnetic Rounds) Weight x Number of Rounds Cannon Can Fire / 1,000

Wound Armor (Weight) 5% of Ship’s Tonnage per Point
Wound Armor (Volume) 1% of ship’s tonnage
Wound Armor Cost 10 credits per Ton of Weight
Stun Armor (Weight) 1% of Ship’s Tonnage per Point
Stun Armor (Volume) 1% of Ship’s Tonnage per Point
Stun Armor Cost 1,000 credits per Ton of Weight

Types of Weapon Systems

Missiles: One Time Shots, varies by damage

Cannons: Fires large ordinance rounds, Conventional or Electromagnetic rounds

Energy Weapons: EMP Cannon (Short Range, Stun Only), Lasers (-2 to Dodge, -1 Range Penalty), Plasma Cutters (Ignore Armor, Breach on 5+ Wound), Plasma Packet (Medium Range, Ignore 3 Armor, -1 Damage Die)

Grapplers: EMP Web (Deals Stun, Max of Ship’s Strength - 1, Can only capture ships with a Strength score equal to or less than the damage die rating), Cranes (No Moving Ships, Can move items within point-blank range), Hardpoint Grappler (Point Blank Range Only, Capture Strength + 1 Strength Ships), Magnetic Grappler (Short Range, Up to Rating Strength Ships)

Weapon Systems Rules

  • You can only have Energy Weapons with a die total equal to or less than your ship’s Strength Rating
  • Energy Weapons have a 1 Rate of Fire
  • Grapplers do not count toward Energy Weapon Ratings

Buying Ship Weapons

Buying Missiles
Missiles and Cannons are the most complicated group of the bunch, luckily the launchers are free. You also have to devote tonnage of your ships cargo to missiles.

  • Step 1: Use Table 4.13 (Core page 115) to determine the weight and cost of damage die you want for your missile (this is the cost of the warhead).
  • Step 2: Multiply the weight on Table 4.13 by x5 for Short Range missiles, x10 for Medium Range missiles, or x20 for Long Range missiles (found on Table 4.41).
  • Step 3: Add up the warhead (bomb) cost (found on Table 4.13) of the missile plus 1 credit per 100 lbs of weight in Step 2. This is the final cost of each missile.

For example, if you want a d10 damage medium range missile look up a d10 on the bomb table (500 lbs, 500 credits). Now multiply this weight (500 lbs) by x10 (the medium multiplier) to get 5,000 lbs. The missile total cost is the warhead / bomb cost (500 credits) plus 1 credit per 100 lbs of the final weight (5,000 / 100 = 50 credits) for a total of 550 credits per missile.

This formula allows you to buy kinetic, explosive, canister or magnetic missiles. Double the warhead cost (the bomb cost from Table 4.13) for a decoy or jammer missile. The only limit of how many missiles you can carry is how much weight (in tons) you want to devote to missiles.

Buying Cannons
There are two types of cannons but purchasing cannons is done as follows:

  • Step 1: First decide how many shots you want your cannon to have (before reloading) and figure out how much damage you want it to deal. Each shot has the same cost as the bomb rating in Table 4.13.
  • Step 2: Look up the damage rating on Table 4.13 and double that weight to find the weight of each shot. Multiply this number by the total number of rounds you want to determine your final ammunition weight.
  • Step 3: The magazine weight is equal to the final number of Step 2 / 2,000.
  • Step 4: If you want electromagnetic rounds, each shot only weighs as much as the bomb weight (so don’t double it in Step 2) but divide the final number by 1,000 (instead of 2,000) for the final clip rate.

Putting it all together
You want a gun that deals d6 Vehicle scale damage and can fire 10 times before it needs to be reloaded, shooting normal rounds. Looking up d6 on Table 4.13 show us a weight of 100 lbs and a cost of 100 credits. So each round costs you 100 credits and each round weighs 200 lbs (the bomb weigh x 2). Now since we want it to fire 10 times before we have to reload, we multiply 200 (the weight of one round) by 10 (the number of rounds the weapon holds) to arrive at 2,000 lbs which is how much cargo space we have to devote to the gun. Now we can carry extra ammo in the cargo of course, but that’s the amount of ship’s tonnage that has to be set aside for the weapon explicitly. This cannon (10 shots dealing d6 damage per shot) costs 1,000 credits (the bomb cost of a d6 warhead, 100c, multiplied by the number of rounds, 10). In this particular case, each clip weighs 1 ton (100 lbs for the base warhead cost x 2 for the base cannon round cost x 10 for the total number of rounds carried / 2,000 for the static divider). So if we wanted to buy an additional clip, it would take up 1 Ton of cargo and cost 1,000 credits.

Ship Construction

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