Make Stuff

Quick Guide to Crafting Stuff

Below are some rules for making / improving stuff.

Step 1: The Parts

Cost for New Tech is going to be half (1/2) the market value (either the full value if you’re making it from scratch or the difference if you’re upgrading something). Making standard items (not New Tech) is a third (1/3) the cost.

Step 2: The Roll

Probably an Intelligence/Alertness + Mechanical/Technical Engineering roll, but it can vary.

Step 3: The Difficulty

Mundane items range from Easy to Hard, set the base difficulty for the item then add +4 (1 Tier) for every x2 New Tech you’re slapping on the item. Ships and other complex items are a higher difficulty, typically Formidable or better.

Step 4: The Time

Small items take about an hour per roll, while bigger projects (like ships) can take up to 12 hours. Ask the GM for your time table per roll.

Step 5: The Modifiers

Really nice equipment can give step bonuses on your rolls. Spending more on components can give bonuses on rolls. Having crappy equipment or crappy parts can levy a penalty to rolls.

Step 6: The Rolls

Botching on any roll ruins the item and you have to pay the cost to try again. Not meeting the difficulty means you make no progress. Meeting the difficulty applies the result to your total. Once your total hits the advanced difficulty, the item is finished.

Example Crafting

Annie decides to upgrade her Laser Pistol into a x4 New Tech Laser Pistol. Laser Pistols are already Hard (11) to make due to them being fancy technology and all that, but the New Tech jumps it up two categories to Heroic (19). GM says it’s 1 hour per roll and has her pay for some custom equipment. She pays half the cost (₡330) for parts for the upgrade. Annie’s pool is her Intelligence (d10) plus her Mechanical Expertise / Fabrication (d10) plus her Asset Mechanical Empathy (d10), giving her 3d10 all day. Since it’s Heroic difficulty, she has to hit at least 19 to make progress and a difficulty threshold of 95.

Annie gets to work:

1st Hour: 2+4+7 = 13, no progress
2nd Hour: 8+1+7 = 16, no progress
3rd Hour: 6+5+4 = 15, no progress
4th Hour: 9+6+6 = 21, finally some progress, 21 total
5th Hour: 2+1+2 = 5, no progress
6th Hour: 5+8+8 = 21, more progress, 42 total
7th Hour: 8+10+6 = 24, more progress, 66 total
8th Hour: 9+10+9 = 28, more progress, 94 total (so close!)

Annie says “the hell with it”, kicks in a plot point, and calls the project done since she’s 1 shy. After an intense 8 hour day, she finally finishes her new tech laser pistol. Exhausted, she sets the new shiny pistol on the table and passes out for the night.

Make Stuff

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