Kinetic Absorption

Mutation – Kinetic Absorption

Nova-Tier Ability

(Vitality + Willpower)

  • Impervious
    • When the Violet takes damage from a physical source, roll the Violet’s activation power. For each point of her activation roll she downgrades one Wound to Stun. Examples of types of damage that could still hurt the Violet include rapid temperature changes, radiation, a vacuum, energy damage, and asphyxiation.
  • Ten Ton Strike
    • The Violets ability to absorb kinetic energy allows her to exert her body well beyond its normal limits, such as throwing punches at solid steel without fear of personal damage
    • The Violet adds her Drone/Alate Violet Asset rating as unarmed damage whenever she strikes an opponent (this stacks with Brawler, so a d4 Brawler and d6 Alate Violet would deal d10 damage on an unarmed strike)
    • For every point by which the Violet overcomes the target’s Defense, she can ignore a single point of armor
    • The Violet can also block melee attacks bare handed without fear of harm, able to stop knives with her bare hands on a successful block (and not just an exceptional success)

Supernova-Tier Ability

(Discipline / Concentration)

  • Power Augmentation
    • The Violet adds her Discipline / Concentration to all activation rolls for every Tier of her mutation.
  • Absorption
    • The Violet can brace herself against an incoming kinetic attack. After a successful attack (treating her as an Easy target), she rolls her power activation roll. She lessens the damage received by her activation roll (favoring Wound). If she completely negates the damage, her body converts the kinetic energy making her a more formidable opponent. Choose one of the following Absorption sub-abilities to enhance the Violet upon a successful activation of Absorption. The Violet can use Absorption against any number of attacks per turn and can activate sub-abilities any number of times per turn for each attack she successfully blocks. If the Violet completely negates an area attack, such as a grenade, she simply absorbs all of the attack preventing it from harming anyone else.
  • Absorption: Power
    • Upon successfully absorbing an attack, choose a single Attribute and increase it by one step for the encounter. On an exceptional success, she instead gains a +2 Step bonus to her Attribute. This ability can be used as many times per turn as the Violet is attacked. If the Violet fails to negate all damage from an attack, she can reflexively use Impervious to downgrade Wound to Stun as normal.
  • Absorption: Harden
    • Upon successfully absorbing an attack, the Violet can grant herself a +1 Wound damage armor rating (cumulative over multiple activations) for the rest of the scene. Armor granted from this ability automatically absorbs damage from a successful attack thus lowering the difficulty of future Absorption attempts and applies against all physical, kinetic attacks.
  • Absorption: Static
    • The Violet can channel the absorbed energy into a Kinetic field around her, building up latent energy to protect her against incoming supernatural attacks. Each time this ability is activated, the Violet gains a one step die trait. This die trait applies against any defense vs Red, Violet, or other “supernatural” attacks. For example, funneling 3 points into this ability after 3 successful absorptions would grant the Violet a d6 to resist any and all attacks from Red and Violet powers.
  • Absorption: Recovery
    • The Violet can convert a successful absorption to mend her own wounds, allowing her body to bounce back from injury with a burst of kinetic power. For every point spent on Kinetic Recovery, the Violet recovers 2 Stun or 1 Wound (Violet’s choice).

Hypernova-Tier Ability

(Healthy as a Horse, A Moment in Time, Steady Calm)

  • Power Augmentation
    • The Violet adds her highest applicable Asset to her activation roll for all Tiers of her mutation.
  • Scope: Damage
    • By spending a Charge, the Violet can elevate her Nova and Supernova-Tier abilities to absorb and negate ship-scale damage. For reference, one point of ship-scale wound damage is roughly the equivalent of 10 personal scale damage.
    • Functionally, the character rolls her power against the attack roll against her. Every 10 points of personal scale damage or 1 point of ship scale damage only add an additional point to the difficulty. For example, let’s say the Violet gets shot with a ship-scale medium range missile that deals a d6 Ship scale damage and the attack against her is a 15. The attacker rolls a 4 on the damage die which equates to 40 personal scale damage. As a reaction, she would declare Absorption and spend a charge to upgrade it to Hypernova. The difficulty is 15 (the attack roll) + 4 (the ship-scale damage) for a total of 19. With a successful roll of 21, she harmlessly dissipates the damage and gains a single expenditure for her Absorption sub-abilities.
      • If the Violet uses Absorption: Recovery in conjunction with a Hypernova-Tier application of Absorption, she instead heals 20 Stun or 10 Wound (Violet’s choice).
      • An exceptional activation roll for a Hypernova-Tier application of Absorption allows the Violet to convert the excess Kinetic Energy into a charge, replenishing the spent Charge she expended on this ability.
  • White Out
    • By spending a charge and rolling her activation roll, the Violet can attempt to absorb any Red or Violet ability that targets her (her activation roll opposed by the attackers activation roll)
    • If she succeeds, the Violet negates all harm done by the power and gains a single use of the attackers mutation on her next turn
      • She users her White Out activation roll to determine the potency of the power
    • An exceptional success on her activation roll allows the Violet to efficiently convert the energy from the incoming ability an replenish the Charge spent on this ability

Kinetic Absorption

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