Character Creation

Stats on Stats

48 Attribute Points (Max d12)
78 Skill Points (Max d12)
28 Asset Points (Max d12)

Creation Notes

Starting Cash: 1,000 credits
6 Complications is pushing it
Complication Points can only be used for Assets
Don’t start with a ship of any kind

Asset Notes: Renaissance Man isn’t allowed, other custom assets need GM approval, Serenity/Supernatural OK
Complication Notes: Plot Points will only be awarded when Complications actually get you in trouble

Extra AP

Pictures: Max 6 AP (not necessarily character related), unaltered are 1 AP a piece while altered / drawn are 2 AP a piece
Backstory: Bullet Point Synopsis (2 AP), Backstory Write Up (2 AP), Character Sheet Formatting (1 AP), Character Quirks / RP Queues (2 AP), unresolved story hook (1 AP)
Stat NPCs: Each NPC (4 AP total possible, max 4 NPCs) – must include stats (1 AP), picture (1 AP), bullet point backstory (1 AP), and character / personality quirks (1 AP)

Experience Point Chart

Skills: 2 AP Assets: 5 AP Attributes: 8 AP
*Note buying Assets if 5 AP per d2, so buying a d6 Asset is 15 AP

Intro Prompt

Your character is a bit down on their luck and between jobs at the moment. You’re stuck on Bernadette and most of the job postings you see are either too boring or too sketchy to take, but a job for two crewmen for a single Op catches your eye. The pay looks good, the post is well-written, so you decide to head down to the docks to check it out. Not like you’re doing anything else right now and your belt is starting to get loose.

You’ve also been having a strange recurring dream over the last few weeks. You’re in a purple field with flowers as far as the eye can see and a tree at the center. You start to head toward the tree but you never quite make it. Whether you fall down and can’t move, or the tree just never seems to get any closer, or you just freeze in place and can’t make yourself take another step the result is always the same. The dream always stays with you when you wake up, and sometimes you swear you can smell the flowers while you’re laying in bed. They have a scent all their own, unlike anything you’ve ever come across before. You’ve tried running a few Cortex searches but as far as you can tell there’s no such place in the ‘Verse. Doesn’t make the dreams feel any less real though.


Positions: Temporary (2)
Roles: Pilot and Mechanic
Pay: Negotiable (Varies with skill level)

Two Crew Positions: Pilot and Mechanic

Want to get off of Bernadette? Perfect, we’ll take you.

Pilot Qualifications: A pilot familiar with large transports comfortable with flying on their own supported by a minimal crew. Must also be able to fly hovercraft with above average competency.

Mechanic Qualifications: Must be familiar with mechanical and technical workings of a ship. Must be able to strip an engine by hand and reassemble. Must be able to wire complex communication systems for long range broadcasts at dual-channel high-yield frequencies.

Those interested in applying should come find the “Umbra” at the La Range Space Port, Dock 7-F

Character Creation

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