Annie Stats

Annie’s Stats



Str d4 | Agi d12 + d2 | Vit d10 | Alert d10 | Int d12 + d4 | Wil d10


Life Points 20 | Initiative d12 + d2 + d10 | Endurance d10 + d10 | Resistance d10 + d10


  • Artistry d4
  • Athletics d6
    • Dodge d12
  • Covert d6
    • Stealth d8
  • Discipline d6
    • Mental Resistance d10
  • Guns d6
    • Pistols d10
  • Heavy Weapons d6
  • Influence d4
  • Mechanical Engineering d6
    • Construction d12
    • Repair d10
  • Linguist d4
    • (mandarin)
    • (white)
  • Perception d6
    • Intuition d8
    • Empathy d12
  • Pilot d4
  • Planetary Vehicles d2
  • Scientific Expertise d6
    • White d8
  • Technical Engineering d6
    • Electronics d12
  • Unarmed Combat d6
    • Wu shu d12


  • Alate Violet d6
  • Call to Arms d2
    • While Alates can only have so many Violets active in their Hive, an Alate with this ability can reconfigure their Hive with about a scene worth of work. Every Hive is different, some spend an hour “eating” together while others spend an hour engaged in recreational activity. Either way, after spending an hour with the targets the Alate Violet can “reallocate” her Hive to those present, to a maximum of her total Hive members as normal. Typically Alates use this ability to assemble a specialized team before an Op.
  • Unlocked Potential d2
    • Each NPC converted to Violet has a latent ability. The difficulty to unlock this ability is unknown, but require that the Alate Violet have an activation roll 1 Tier above the minimum requirement per d2 of the Asset rating the NPC has (the rating for which is unknown to the Alate). Unlocking an NPCs ability can be attempted once per session.
  • Secondary Mutation (Mimicry) d6
    • Taking this Asset allows the Alate to gain access to a secondary Violet mutation. At d2 this Asset grants access to Nova-Tier powers. At d4, Supernova-Tier powers. Lastly, upon achieving a d6 in this Asset, the Alate gains access to Hypernova-Tier powers of her secondary mutation.
  • Light Efficiency d4
    • Violets with this Asset have a particularly efficient way of processing and storing Charges. Upon taking this Asset, the Violet gains a charge in half the exposure time (2 hours instead of 4), can store two additional charges, and can go twice as long before losing a charge (Vitality instead of [Vitality / 2] days).
  • Potent Power d8
    • Violets normally use their Alate or Drone Asset rating as the damage rating for offensive powers. Each d2 purchased in this Asset provides an additional +1 increase to the Violet’s damage rating. For example, a Violet with a Drone Violet Asset d4 and a Potent Power Asset d6 would deal a d10 damage with her offensive power.
  • Conjunctive Power d4
    • You’ve developed the ability to activate your mutation as part of another action. You may take a single action to activate both your mutation and take a single action as part of the same action. Both actions must affect the same target and if the conjoined action fails to affect the target your mutation also automatically fails. Examples of this Asset include an Electrokinetic delivering a charged unarmed strike to an opponent or a Pyrokineticist causing the target to erupt into flames on a successful shot from her pistol. Other non-combat examples would include the same Electrokineticist using her power to short out a security panel as she disables it but are otherwise covered by the same merit provided both actions affect the same target.
  • Expanded Hive d6
    • Alate Violets can develop the ability to increase their HIve beyond their natural potential. For each d2 purchased in this Asset, the Violet Alate can add one additional member to their Hive.
  • Dash of Blue d4
    • With this Asset, Violets can turn Red into Violets. At the d2 version of this Asset (which requires Alate Violet d2), the Violet can change Stage 1 Reds into full Violets under the Violet Alate rules (above). At the d4 version of this Asset (which requires Alate Violet d4), the Violet can also change Stage 2 and 3 Reds into full Violets.
  • Teamwork d6
    • Violet Hives with this mutation work in tandem together with incredible efficiency, able to accomplish incredible feats together that they never could apart.
      d2 Rating: When one hive member assists the other on a single skill roll, which can be done even when otherwise not normally allowed, the primary actor can re-roll their Skill die and take the higher result. This ability stacks with existing teamwork rules.
      d4 Rating: As d2, except this also applies to Asset dice and requires an additional Hive member (for a total of two other Violets).
      d6 Rating: As d4, except this also applies to one Attribute die and requires an additional Hive member (for a total of 3 other Violets).
  • Combination Power d6
    • Violet Hives whose Alate have this asset specialize in using their abilities in conjunction with one another. When they do, they can produce more reliable or even brand new abilities that are the result of their combined mutations.
      d2 Rating: When two Violets of the same Hive hold Initiative to act together and activate both of their mutations at the same time within line of sight of one another, both benefit from the highest Skill die result between the two.
      d4 Rating: As d2, but both also benefit from the highest Asset roll between the two of them.
      d6 Rating: As d4, but both also benefit from the highest Attribute rolls between the two of them. Hive Alates that have achieved this level of mastery can also attempt to bend their powers together to create an entirely new affect. The result has to fit the thematics of both abilities and is subject to the ST’s approval but entirely new applications of mutations are possible. Both Hive members must take an action to activate their mutation on the same turn to create a single new affect. One member of the Hive must also spend a Charge to facilitate the new power.
  • Empathic Hive d6
    • Violet Hives with an Alate that develop this ability gain an intuitive understanding which allows them to quickly communicate ideas to one another even in the heat of combat.
      d2 Rating: When one member of the Hive succeeds at a single personal skill check (such as a Perception check), the entire HIve also succeed on the check provided they’re within line of sight of both the Hive member and the target.
      d4 Rating: By taking a single turn to glance over the Hive members within line of sight, each member can pose a single question and know in detail how each member of the Hive feels and would respond to the question. For a single plot point, the Hive member can gain an intuitive understanding of every Hive member’s feelings even if they are not within line of sight.
      d6 Rating: By taking a single action to focus or make a single gesture, each Hive member can convey a complex series of thoughts instinctively to every other Hive member within line of sight. The conveyor also has a sense of how the other Hive members would respond, and effectively can have a “dialogue” of up to a few minutes in a matter of moments. At this level of mastery, a Hive member can also spend one plot point to reflexively convey a simple thought to any Hive member they know the location of.
  • Allure d4
    • You ain’t bad to look at, thanks mom and dad. Gain a skill die bonus on all actions keyed to appearance.
  • Comp Tech d10
    • Some folk have a way with livestock or other people. You have a way with computer systems and the Cortex. Whenever you are working on a program, running sensor sweeps, or hacking your way into an encrypted data pad, you gain a Skill step to your roll. As a Major Trait, any bonus die you get from spending Plot Points is increased by a +2 step. That means that if you spend 1 Plot Point to get a d2, it gets increased to a d6.
  • Cortex Spector d6
    • You’ve gone to some effort to wipe evidence of your existence from the Cortex. A search won’t show much about your history besides your birth. Anyone attempting to dig up information on your past has a +8 added to the difficulty of their search. Casual searches will reveal almost nothing about you.
  • Fightin’ Type d4
    • You’re fast, and not just on your feet. You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty.
  • Mechanical Empathy d10
    • Machines talk to you. You have a way of fixing what ails them that goes way beyond the instruction manual. For the cost of a given number of Plot Points, you gain intuitive knowledge as to what’s wrong with a particular mechanical device under your care, as well as a Skill bonus to Mechanical Engineering for any action attempting to fix said device.
  • Nose for Trouble d6
    • You’ve spent enough time lookin’ over your shoulder, now you’ve got a mental alarm that sounds when things are about to go south. You can make an Intelligence- or Alertness-based roll to sense trouble even when circumstances might not normally permit it, and you gain a step bonus to either Attribute when the circumstances warrant. As a Major Trait, you may also spend 1 Plot Point to negate all effects of surprise, as you sense trouble just in the nick of time to avoid getting caught with your trousers down.
  • Steady Calm d4
    • Some situations shake up normal folk and have them pissin’ themselves, but not you. You keep a clear head while all around you are losing theirs. You gain a Attribute bonus to Willpower to avoid being shaken, frightened, or startled.
  • Fleet of Foot d4
    • You move faster than most folk. Increase base movement distance by 5 feet for walking, to a total of 20 (which is then multiplied for faster movement). You also receive an Attribute Step bonus to Agility or Strength on any Athletics-based rolls involving sheer speed: running, jumping, and moving, but not dodging or similar.


  • Dark Secret d4
    • You’re part of a Tong family, whether you like it or not, and explainin’ that to folks can be mighty complicated. Especially if those folk are law-enforcement. Your Trait imposes a –2 Skill step when trying to explain yourself if the secret gets out. Normally, the Trait’s probably just an ongoing reason for you to get nervous.
  • Memorable d4
    • You’re easily recognizable. Others gain an Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness.
  • Neat Freak d4
    • A little dirt never hurt anybody—‘cept maybe you. Clutter, germs, and even good clean mud bother you to no end. As a Minor Complication, your issues are fairly mild and you can handle day-to-day life easily enough. You’re still constantly cleaning and tidying, attempting to establish some order in your environment, but you can concentrate on more immediate things when necessary. A significant problem, such as being forced to walk through a sewer, would force you to suffer a –2 Skill step to all actions for the rest of the scene.
  • Tri-plex Junkie d4
    • Shopaholic. Must shop. Must not pass up chance to shop. Sales are like crack. Penalty to resist
  • Wisecracker d4
    • You can’t help yourself . . . if the opportunity is there to crack a joke, especially at someone else’s expense, you’re going to take it even if it earns you a beating or it’s completely inappropriate. When this happens, you’ll receive a –2 Skill step to interactions with people you’ve offended. Or maybe you’ll receive a punch instead.


Annie Stats

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