Annie Backstory

Annie’s Story


  • Current Name: Annie Rose
  • Birth Name: Bai Xiulan
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5’6"
  • Weight: Not much

  • Relatives:
    Father: Zhang | Mother: Meirong (deceased) | “Step-mother:” Shiyong | Half-brothers: many | Half-brother who saved her, one year her elder: Jian Li
  • Crew of the King’s Gambit:
    Captain: Margaret “Mags” Kingsley | Engineer: Levi Kingsley | Pilot: Florence Chim | Muscle: Enoch McTaggart

  • Her father, Zhang, is the head of the Bailong Tong clan (the white dragons). Her mother was his favorite mistress.
  • Her father’s wife, Shiyong, did not tolerate her husbands other “families” well, but she wasn’t one to speak or act overtly against her husband, choosing to instead take her ire out on his mistresses and bastard children.
  • Though not his oldest child, or a child of his legal wife, Annie Rose was her father’s only daughter (as well as the child of his favorite) and was spoiled by him a great deal.
  • His wife could not abide this and secretly arranged for the deaths of both mistress and child.
  • One of her sons, closest in age to Annie out of all of her brothers, had a penchant for listening at doors and caught hints of his mothers plans. Not in time to save Annie’s mother, he was able to sneak Annie out and on a boat to Persephone, but that was where his assistance ended.
  • The day she arrived at Persephone was her 10th birthday. She didn’t realize the day had come and gone until later.
  • Alone for the first time ever, Annie was suspicious of nearly everyone. She had caught glimpses enough in the family to be worried about law enforcement… and slavers. But mostly law enforcement.
  • Too nervous, and proud, to ask anyone for help Annie did her best to survive on her own. She learned to stay hidden and pilfer whatever she could.
  • After almost two years of living like that, a woman by the name of Mags Kingsley caught Annie red-handed trying to lift a couple of protein bars and a box of strawberries from the back of her parked mule.
  • Mags was newly minted captain of her own cargo vessel, the King’s Gambit, with a small but close-knit crew. At the time, Annie had no idea what would prompt a person to invite an unwashed street urchin of dubious origin to be a part of their weird little family.
  • In spite of a nagging suspicion that it was all too good to be true and she was about to be sold in to slavery, Annie was too tired and desperate to care. Also, the captain wore the same perfume that her mother once did.
  • It took more than a little while for Annie to warm up to her new too-good-to-be-true situation, but once she did she felt safer and more comfortable than she ever had.
  • It was her first time living on a ship and she loved it. She pestered every member of the crew to tell her every detail about how life worked out here in the black, but she got the most interesting information from their mechanic, Levi. He knew all about the inner workings of their boat, what made her tick. He couldn’t get Annie out from under foot after that, his constant shadow.
  • Mags does what she can to keep all of the Gambit’s business on the up and up, keep hers and her crew’s noses out of trouble, but that’s more of a challenge every day. Got to make ends meet some how, gotta keep the jobs coming and sometimes they’re not all as legitimate as they appear.
  • Recently the crew had a run in with some Tong. She didn’t think anyone was still looking for her, it was just a random happenstance that they all bore the tattoo of her father’s clan. Unfortunately, not all of them were as young as she was and she thought she saw a flash of recognition in one man’s eyes. She was the spitting image of her mother, after all.
  • She was probably just being paranoid, but she owed the crew too much to be bringing trouble down on their heads.
  • The very next time they docked she slipped out.
  • Now nearly a dozen years since she found herself stranded on Persephone, Annie is alone again. Looking for work on Bernadette.


  • The pink hair is relatively new, as of her departure from the King’s Gambit. She knows it attracts attention but is hoping it at least makes her look less like her mother, in case of another run in with the Bailong Tong. Also, she’s pretty sure that it’s gorram adorable.
  • Obsessed with everything technical/mechanical but keeps the cleanest damn engine room a body has ever seen.
  • Addicted to keeping up with fashion trends. (Hair, makeup, clothing)
  • Listens to LOUD music while she’s working, keeps her from external distractions and focused on the task at hand.
  • Developed a crush on Levi a few years ago, but never did anything about it. Never will. He always referred to his sister Mags as Annie’s mom and himself as her “cool” uncle, so she knows he doesn’t see her that way.
  • Has been wearing the same perfume as Mags (and her mother) since she left the Gambit. Might have filched Mags bottle and taken it with her…
  • Had a massive amount of kitschy collectibles in her room on the Gambit, acquired at the different stations and planets they parked their boat on over the years, and all organized neatly on shelves. The only one she took with her was the first she ever had, and one of the few she didn’t buy herself. A geisha bobble-head, a welcome gift from the crew who teased that it looked like her.
  • Gets bored easily, but good at finding things to keep her entertained.
  • Comes off as pretty bold and outspoken most of the time, but gets shy when she’s sincerely complemented. May or may not respond in a rude manner when she’s feeling shy.
  • Suspicious of the Alliance.
  • Wants nothing to do with the Tong anymore, even if she wasn’t still scared of her step-mother’s influence. Living on the street in Persephone, she’s seen how the drug and slave-trade industry can affect people. Made her feel unclean profiting from it even a little bit.
  • Cheerful, can be silly, and when she’s notices something that strikes her as amusing has a hard time not commentating on it.
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Annie Backstory

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