About the Verse


The Alliance may have won the war, but people on the outer rim don’t see why that means their lives have to change. That was just over three decades ago. The Verse goes on as it always has, but lately there’s been unrest. Rumors of places on the Rim getting completely wiped out, people in the Core that just go missing and are never seen from again, the Alliance’s usual shenanigans but with a darker, scarier subtext.

Only trouble is the more you push the people of the Verse, the more they push back.

Tensions are starting to rise between the Independents and the Core once again and the Verse holds its breath hoping another war doesn’t break out. Vids are starting to leak of places that have been devastated by some unknown force. People reach out to try and find missing loved ones only to be eerily silent after they’ve come too close to the truth. While most of the Core thought that the Alliance would slow down on military spending after the war, they’ve only become more aggressive. As the war machine pushes forward, technology advances at even an ever-alarming rate. People on the Rim are stating to get nervous about how far the Alliance is willing to go to bring them under heel. And the more backed into a corner they feel, the more violent their retaliations become.

Even people that are staunch supporters of the Alliance are starting to get shoveled out of the Core, pushed aside because of ideological differences or because they are starting to question the machine. These people are disbanded and forced to move away form their homes and families as they find their lives mysteriously crumbling around them.

About the Verse

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