Violet Hill

Segovia's Notes - Game #8

The Reavers that fought the mining town were terrifying, but we were more prepared than last time so it went better. We kept the townsfolk safe and that was the whole point. It was still horrifying being so up close with them, but I stayed close to Oliver and that helped me be less afraid.

When we’d defeated the larger group of them, they rabbited…and we split off and chased them. Jasmine and Gabe ran one way and Oliver and I another. With just Oliver and I fighting 3 of them…they were more in my face than when we were fighting as a larger group—maybe Oliver was shielding me more than I realized? Having been in their minds…I should have been more afraid, but I wasn’t. Like the dog with rabies, I don’t fear it…I have healthy respect for what it can do,….and I feel sorry for it. These were once people, destroyed by a disease. I wonder if they can be saved. I don’t think I’ll tell everyone, probably just Gavin at first… but I want to try and help them if that’s possible. And Gavin might tell me it isn’t and that will be the end of it, but what if they can be helped….

After the Reavers were all destroyed we went and checked with the town to make sure they were safe. Annie disassembled the metal structures she’d build and the debris she’d used to kill the Reavers. The mayor was nice, but kind of mentioned on the side that people might wonder if we were still at their town. Maybe he could tell we were a bit tired and needed some R&R…and wanted to make sure we didn’t stay. I’m not sure, but he’s right, we can’t put down for too long, it’s too dangerous. But Annie had a few hours ahead of her in work to put things back to normal and I asked the Mayor if I could borrow two horses, he agreed. And Oliver and I got to go horseback riding together. It was wonderful. He’s an accomplished rider, although I’m fairly certain I could have bested him if I wasn’t so out of practice. I suppose we’ll have to find time to do this a bit more so I can get in practice.

I brought up to him that I had misunderstood some nonverbal and verbal queues and thought he was put off by me. I told him I’d read his mind because I had been pretty confused about the whole situation. And although he told me he didn’t mind me reading his mind I made sure to apologize for it…it just seems wrong to do that to people you care about. Oliver just looked at me like I was a bit insane…which I chuckled at, as he explained that of course he wasn’t put off by me, and that he was just trying to snap things into happening when people were in danger. He said he didn’t expect Annie and I to be tacticians right off the bat, that’s why he was trying to help. I explained after I read his mind I understood, but that I’d “given him space” over the last few days because I thought he didn’t really want me around. He just looked at me a bit funny….which I know is Oliver for “women are crazy”. I won’t deny it, he makes me feel a bit crazy. But we had a nice ride and as we were putting the horse tack up and grooming the horses we kissed a bit. It was unhurried and nice…and with the smells of the barn and animals in the air…I couldn’t help but think it would be nice to do this every day with him. Get up, do chores, ride horses together and kiss in the barn. Maybe someday we can have that, but for now I’ll settle just to have him.

We all headed back to the Umbra to take off once Annie called in that she was done with her work. Poor girl has more work than the share of us thanks to her powers, thankfully it seems like she likes it which is good, but next time we’re planet side somewhere a bit more ….. established, I’m going to suggest some R&R for either just her or her and Riley if she wants. Lord knows she’s earned a bit of a break…all that metal she moved…good lord.

We all decided it was time to talk to super human about everything and I reached out to them via cortex. They gave us some coordinates to meet them and off we went. It was a 3 day trip and I made it a point to practice with Oliver more on my Akido. We’re fighting a war and I was only so-so at hand to hand, I’m a lot better now. Granted I’m still terrible with guns, but Violet seems to be helping me along with unarmed so I think I’ll stick with that…plus it lets me stay close to Oliver during fights. And while my Violet mutation might keep me safe enough I don’t need his protect, I find having him close makes sure I don’t mentally freeze up. Seeing him spring into action makes me want to do the same…I don’t want to let him fight alone. Having the mentality to be able to fight is new for me….so I’m going to stick with what works. And secretly I think Gabe and Jasmine would work out very well together so I’m making sure they pair up too.

Training with Oliver is a bit different now that we’re…well I don’t know what he thinks we “are” but I’m going to say “together”. I don’t have any intention of being intimate with anyone else so to me that makes us a couple. I’m going to wait for, probably quite awhile, before I ask Oliver what he thinks we “are”. After that first time we kissed and I told him I could see us long term…I’m going to let that sit in the back of his mind for awhile and get used to the idea. I know he hasn’t been close to anyone aside from his crew and well…they left him…Oliver and I need to spend enough time together that he understands I’m not going to do the same before there’s any talk of “what we are”. I suppose people might see it as an odd match, but the more I’m around him the sweeter he is to me. Perhaps it’s his adaptability kicking in…but I don’t think so….I think this is Oliver and he just hasn’t had anyone to be Oliver around before. I’m glad I’m that person. Maybe I should wait to introduce him to Gran…I can see her telling me “slow down girl”, but I’ve always been very sure of my decisions. I know what’s in my heart and head. And honestly, with the universe in the state it’s in….why in the heavens would I not go after what I want.

We finally arrived at the Super Human location…only to find debris. The Alliance got to them. This is terrible news. Annie was a trouper and used her power to sort through the debris, I used mine to make sure there were no survivors and while I wallowed in the fact that our new friends were dead, Annie and Riley were piecing together clues of what happened. They tracked down random coordinates buried in a subroutine of one of the computer systems they were able to salvage.

We made the trek their and found a cryo pod, but using my telepathy I could tell whoever was inside wasn’t alive…imagine my surprise when we opened it up and out popped a woman….a Red.

Segovia's Notes - Game #7

Arden is alive. And I suppose I should have realized…realized that they’d be red. Noah and Sauder likely are too…and they’re under Arden’s control since it appears he’s a Sovereign. Not that they weren’t under his control before, but they’re alive, which means we can help them. I can help them. And we’re going to have to do something sooner than we thought because Arden, the new “Minister of Health”, has declared that Red will be given out for free…and that it’s optional and the perfect cure for diseases…the way he made it sound….he always was a smooth talker, he’s hoodwinking the ‘verse just like he did to me. Yes, I suppose Red is all those things, but it’s also a loss of freedom, a loss of control and a loss of self. We were all a bit dumbstruck over the whole announcement and took just a bit to collect ourselves…and for as much as we’re “connected” by this whole hive thing, we’re all still very much apart because when we needed to center ourselves we didn’t lean on each other, we all …. drifted off on our own. Maybe the lack of a Sovereign is getting to us?

Annie came to find me with Riley in tote…with “news”. Turns out that not only did Arden become the minister of health, even though he has zero medical training, but he also got married…to Mags. Poor Mags. Now he can add hostage taker to his list of evils…that bastard. I could tell Riley was worried about me knowing, and I can understand why…I did have a contract with Arden for two years. But how could I still care for a man who has done what he has? To distract ourselves from all this news and because the twins kind of had to, we went back to the Scoundrel Classic to “face George” about them cheating on the contest. And I must say, it was worth coming out for. George reprimanded the attendees for thinking being a scoundrel to win the Scoundrel Classic wasn’t allowed, he made them feel rather small in fact and somehow it was actually refreshing. I can see the appeal that others find in him. He is quite…charming, in a very raw sort of way. …….And then he got shot. With a rifle. Actually shot and was 100% fine, if not a little pissed. Clearly George is Red, I mean we knew that, but I guess I just didn’t realize how powerful he was. I’m now less surprised that he isn’t worried about what the Alliance is doing. He also offered me a job, as a doctor on Blue Heaven, and with what happened with the twins…watching them explode…thinking I’d killed them, that I was a murderer and knowing that I’m not cut out for the rebel life….well, I honestly considered George’s offer. And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t still sitting in the back of my mind.

Ben came on board with us to head to the planet that he believes the Reavers are going to attack. Annie and I also tried to do a bit of convincing to have him stay on board. I’m very truly hoping he’s wrong and that his “hive connection” ends up proving false, but the way our luck has been…

Three days to the planet and I’m feeling a bit lonely and confused about Oliver. He was, well…actually rather sweet about the whole thing that happened with the twins…the whole I exploded a person thing. I could tell he was genuinely concerned if I was ok or not…which is at odds with how annoyed and put out he was with me on Blue Heaven when the Reavers attacked. Not that I can blame him on that, what with how I freezed up in combat and almost cost civilians their lives. But then he was so concerned…I just can’t place him. And I hate using my telepathy on the crew….it just feels too intrusive, but I suppose since neither of us are honestly very accustomed to relationships I’m likely going to have to break my rule on that and get a read on him. I could go talk to him, but I just don’t think that will go very well. He’s basically the only man I’ve gotten tongue tied around and that I can’t seem to be very eloquent with. And he isn’t exactly astute with feminine motivations. So I finally bucked up the moxy and read his mind…and he’s just as confused as I am. He doesn’t seem annoyed by me or put off…if fact the whole situation I was worried over isn’t even on his mind. Instead he’s just really confused why we snogged, but I’m now ignoring him. And…well hell…I may have botched this. I didn’t realize how much easier a contract made all this.

Before I was able to work any nerve up to have a chat with Oliver we landed on the rim planet that Ben told us was going to be attacked. The town folks are all very interesting and honestly the place is actually rather charming so I wanted to be up front with them and Annie and I just made it clear why we were here. The mayor took it well and actually even believed us. I had even prepared myself to whammy him for the sake of the town, but it wasn’t needed. And it turns out, that’s because the town has run into strange things before…including Oliver…who the Mayor knows apparently pretty well. So if the town had reservations before it seems that having Oliver with us finished sealing the deal.

Annie used her abilities to get the town “Reaver ready” and I suggested that the citizens that couldn’t fight, and fight well, be secured someplace that it would be impossible for the Reavers to get to. Annie was able to craft a bank vault door for the town’s main mine and we moved enough supplies in there to keep them all comfortable for days. I actually feel pretty good about securing these people and think most of the town folks should be pretty safe. The mayor also told us that the town closest to them went radio silent…which isn’t a good thing. So we’ve decided to head that way and maybe intercept the Reavers before they even get to the town. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit terrified.

Segovia's Notes - Game #6

- on Blue Heaven, had a flash of Reavers while I was with Oliver
- Gavin came running in and was like “REAVERS!”
- we quickly and strategically organized into well thought out and extremely effective squads to engage the enemy…just kidding, we panicked and spent too long and Oliver yelled at us, then we ramshackle figured it out and teleported all over the place
- fought the Reavers, I had the bright idea to try and telepathically merge with them, that failed and I became linked with them, effectively becoming a Reaver myself
- I fought Oliver until Ben ran in and tackled me, I broke his nose and then Oliver called in Gavin who “broke my connection” with the Reavers
- I woke up back on the ship, freaked out
- we saved most people? we think
- Ben is a 1/2 white Reaver King and we found out it was caused by his blood at the club where Gavin beat his ass, we quarenteened the area and had it cleaned up, I brain jacked George to think it was all good so he wouldn’t come looking for Ben or Gavin
- looks like Ben is on our crew now?
- Decklan was mugged or targeted in an ally and gravely injured, stabbed 6 times in vital areas, I mentally froze the guys and we rushed him to the ship to help him
- I did surgery and was amazing and saved his life
- Decklan was laid up in the infirmary while we watched him on the telly win the scoundrel classic….wut
- turns out Decklan has a twin and they were both competing, Decklan’s twin Deacan stormed on board after Oliver and Riley confronted him about the classic, he demanded to see Decklan…at first I wasn’t sure if he was a friend or foe so I demanded to know who he was, he said he was his brother so I took him back to see Decklan
- Deacan decided they were going to have to tell George about the two of them since the guys from the mugging/attack were still frozen in the alley and needed brought to justice

Segovia's Notes - Game #5

We’re a few days out from Blue Heaven and Annie and I spend the time getting to know the crew a little better. She also asked me to talk with Enoch because he was having a really hard time after the whole Maggs thing. I did chat with him, I think both he and Levi are pretty torn up over it all, but they just need to know that there are still people that care about them and that those people are going to try and help them get back Maggs and Florence. I know they don’t believe it’s possible, but Reds feel compatible to me, so I haven’t given up hope. Even if my Hive is full I can still turn them Violet, which should break their Red Sovereign’s control. We just have to figure out a game plan…and, although they didn’t seem very interested in helping with the planning part, I know that’s just because they’re hurting right now. I think I’ll run some tactics by Riley and Oliver and see what they can come up with…I mean, they’re professionals at this right?

Things got just a bit uncomfortable when Gavin talked with Oliver about me. In front of me nonetheless…I suppose since they were talking in another language they thought that made it alright, except in their minds I could understand them…guess that’s a bit nosy, using my telepathy to eavesdrop, but the way Oliver was staring at me I just kind of assumed something bad was being discussed…and then when I realized Gavin was telling him I liked him. Well, I couldn’t not listen. I may have had years worth of social etiquette training, but I’m still a woman…which means my curiosity got the better of me. And apparently Oliver knew this whole time I fancied him! He said he could tell by the way my eyes dialated and …my smell. That’s pretty embarassing….then again, so is being caught eavesdropping, which he did, catch me. And the way he kept staring, I wasn’t sure if he was upset with me for using my telepathy on them or contemplating a bedroom tussle. Made me a bit flustered, which isn’t something I’m used to, so I just let it drop for the moment and flitted off like a scared 14 year old. Honestly, Gavin is not most immature on this ship. Sigh.

Riley smooth talked the dock master at Blue Heaven to let us land at a VIP dock and George, the founder of Blue Heaven, even came out to personally greet us. He’s quite the charmer. I understand why Riley made a bit of a fuss about him. George invited us to an invitation only party and everyone readily agreed. Oliver said he would stay on the ship to make sure it was looked after…and I was a bit excited…thinking I could stay behind and maybe spend a bit of time with him, but he insisted that I go to the party. I suppose he just wasn’t interested in company at the time…..and I suppose I don’t have him figured out quite yet.

The group went to George’s invite only club and had a few drinks. Gavin even had a sip and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Riley spotted three people he said he knew…“superhuman” is what he called them and told Annie and I to go talk to them. I’m very good at conversation I’d like to think…at least after all the training in the Companion House, but Riley not even telling us an objective…well, it was a bit rude. Honestly, it’s a surprise that Oliver thinks he’s the surly one on the ship. But despite Riley’s little move, Annie and I did very well chatting with Superhuman and learning about them. They seemed genuine, and on top of it, even seemed like they want to help. I hope we can be friends with these people, maybe coordinate efforts. We also learned that Jasper, the gentlemen in their group, is what they call a Null Red, which means he can cancel out powers. This was quite the stroke of luck and on a hunch I just asked him flat out if we could hire him. Annie and I were honest about why we wanted to use his ability, to save Maggs and Florence, and he seemed open to the idea of helping us. This is the verse I’m used to…one with people who are kind and think of others. For a moment there, I had forgotten what it was like. I appreciate that Artemis and her friends reminded me.

We also had the chance to chat with the current Scoundrel Classic race leader, a man named Decklan. He was a bit, ….well, off putting, but Annie seemed to like him fine and extended an offer to him to join up with us. He seemed pretty interested and wanted to come find us after the tournament was finished. Which is fine, Riley and Oliver did impress upon us that this needed to be recruitment. We can’t exactly win a war with no people on our side.

While we were finishing up our conversation with Decklan, Gavin went a bit … well, nuts. He rushed over to a man that had walked into the bar and just went berserk on him. Fighting so fiercely that even Riley and George were trying to pull Gavin off this man.

Gavin kept saying he was a white and here to kill him, but the man seemed very normal. Granted he could heal quickly and he wasn’t compatible with Annie or myself, which means he isn’t human or Red, but he just didn’t feel like Gavin does…he didn’t feel White. I suppose Gavin is a bit more of an expert in that area, but we were able to talk Gavin down a bit. I read the man’s mind and he genuinely didn’t even know what Red was, let alone White. He seemed lost and like someone had hurt him in the past. Is it possible he had a similar experience to Petra…was he maybe abducted and forced to become White? The man forgave Gaving pretty quickly and even seemed amicable enough about the whole situation to ask us for a ride off the station when the tournament was over. I know Gavin doesn’t feel comfortable with that, but we need to know what is different about this man. Finding answers to questions like these will help us stay one step ahead of those that want to do us harm. I’ll just make sure to have Gavin stick a bit closer to Oliver so he feels safe. Can’t blame him there…I feel safe around him too.

With the night’s festivities over, quite literally since George threw us out of the party, we went back to the ship a bit downtrodden. Enoch and Levi weren’t on board, they snuck off to get drunk…and I suppose none of us can blame them for that. If alcohol didn’t make me feel so terrible I’d have done the same when Sauder and Noah were killed. Annie didn’t seem to mind the boys were gone, maybe she knows they need some time to themselves? Her and Riley went off together and Gavin quietly went to bed. Poor boy. I was still wide awake and decided it would be a good time to pester Oliver and maybe have some tea.

Oliver was actually much more open than I thought he’d be…and it was….well, I honestly haven’t talked to a guy like that before, it was nice. And we share quite a few interested, he even likes to horseback ride. It would be nice to be able to take him to Gran’s ranch and spend some time with him there. Away from the crazy of all this Alliance Red turmoil. He seemed a bit shocked I’d want to spend time off the ship with him, doing things, and said he just couldn’t understand what I saw in him. Why I would bother with him, when I could do better. He thinks too poorly of himself. He’s the most loyal and trustworthy person I know. He cares about his crew more deeply than I’ve seen some care about their “family”. And despite how cruelly he was brought up he’s maintained the ability to care more about others than he does about himself. That makes him quite a remarkable man in my eyes. And he can grow an apple tree in a room in a spaceship…that makes me smile. He said he still didn’t understand, but that his life had been hard, and if he was going to get a break, he wasn’t going to question it. To be someone’s “good” in their day, to be their hope…it’s an amazing thing, made me feel warmer inside than the sun room ever has. I gave him a kiss…and that turned into a few more kisses. I could tell he wanted more, and honestly I did too, but I don’t want to be a contract to him, I don’t want this to feel like he’s my client. I want this to feel like, and be,….more.

Segovia's Notes - Game #4

The last few weeks have been … dreamlike. As if I was expecting to wake and find that none of this had happened and I’d been visiting Gran and hit my head. I imagine Gabe was thinking the same thing when he woke … that whatever was going on was a dream.

But he adjusted quickly, listened to our explanation of Violet and what happened and accepted it. I’m not sure if that was because Gabe is just more…world worn…of if it’s because of the Alate connection we feel. Like a pull towards one another. When he woke and was nervous and freaked out, I wanted nothing more than to hold him, make him feel safe. Maybe that has more to do with my telepathy…maybe since I truly feel their emotions too, it affects me more? I suppose those are questions I’ll have to pose to Gavin.

Gabe’s ability is speed, like Devlin’s, and with his scrupulous background I can already tell he’ll be able to use it effectively and be a competent fighter, which is good, considering I’m a bit of a drain on the group…I can’t exactly fight. I will say that using my telepathy to help….can turn the tides, so to speak, during combat. But also made me feel just terrible. I turned people against their comrades, had them maim and kill their friends…not something I ever imagined I’d be a part of. But when there’s gun fire singing above your head…I suppose what you’re capable of changes a bit to when your simply pondering things from the comfort of a ship.

The two gentlemen that Annie turned also woke disoriented, but the transition worked on them as well and they woke with abilities: Enoch with Micah’s ability and Levi with something I hadn’t seen before…a spacial awareness and he could teleport too. No doubt that ability will come in handy, especially during this next mission, which is to find and extract the King’s Gambit’s two wayward crewmen, friends of Annie’s, Florence and Mags. Levi and Enoch wanted to try and go after them before they were Violet…which since they are being held at a Red training facility / laboratory, it’s certainly a good thing they agreed to be Violet before trying to break in. And thankfully, Mycah and the crew have intel on this facility, turns out it’s a place they’ve been to before. And since they’ve been there before Mycah was the one to plan the op…which, after learning the details of his plan, I didn’t like it one bit. Mycah and the original Umbra’s crew is going to lead a frontal assault on the facility, taking everyone in their path down, while Annie and my group will follow behind and look for Florence and Mags. I think a frontal assault is far to dangerous and besides…that means they’ll be killing a lot of people…which just doesn’t sit right with me, even if they are bad people.

Thankfully the op went better, at least at first, than I thought. Mycah and the crew actually managed to simply knock most of the people out instead of simply killing everyone in their paths. I’m honestly betting that’s because they’re wanting to accommodate me, or not traumatize me…I mean doesn’t it make more sense tactically to eliminate the enemy. I suppose there are quite a few things about war, about fighting, I just don’t understand yet.

After Mycah and his group cleared out the facility of Reds we found Mags and Florence pretty easily. But of course there were more Reds in the room with them, one was a Precog…or at least that’s what she called herself. She said she didn’t particularly work for the Alliance, and told us if Levi went into the room with Mags something terrible, that he’d never get over, was going to happen. Annie asked him to not go to let her handle it, but since Mags is his sister, of course he didn’t agree. I looked over at Annie, conveying with a look, that I could stop him if she wanted….she just shook her head no. But I could tell, in her heart, she didn’t want him in that room if it meant something bad was going to happen to him…so I stopped him. Froze him in mid step, just thought…don’t move…and it was like he was frozen in time. I suppose my telepathy is a bit more powerful than I’d realized. Maybe I can be useful to the crew….

Mags and Florence were hooked up to machines and when I pulled them off the meds they shot up, Reds, and were hostile. Mags can control light it would seem and she “drained” us of our light so we couldn’t use our abilities anymore, while Florence used gravity to keep us pinned and immobile. Mags used that absorbed light to blast Enoch and then they fled. Once we were free from the gravity pull we grabbed Enoch and got back to the ship as fast as we could. He was burned pretty badly, …it even burned some of his lungs so he was barely breathing. I helped Noah before, with some pretty nasty wounds, he taught me a saying to steady my hands while I worked, something simple that didn’t distract me, but just that extra something that filled the part of my brain that would worry, filled it with words instead … “keep a steady hand on the tiller and your grass will be better than the miller’s”…I’m not ashamed to say I repeated that several times while working on Enoch. And when we had him stable and he was breathing easy I sent a silent little thank you up to Noah.

After, we all needed some time in the Sun room to recharge. Levi approached me and demanded to know if it had been my idea to freeze him and if Annie truly had nothing to do with it. I suppose that means that Annie told him what happened, I guess it was a bit too much to ask for, not a fib, but at least the soft version of what happened to be told to him. Thankfully he seemed reasonable after I explained that I was just trying to keep him safe. He made himself very clear that I wasn’t to be getting in his way again where his sister was involved, which I understand and agreed to, but I can’t not do the right thing when I have the chance…and saving Levi, it was the right thing…even if he is mad at me. Even if Annie didn’t stand up for me…I’d do it again to protect him.

When we all left the sun room the crew was gone…the ship was quiet…fearing something terrible had happened, since the last time we lost contact with them the Alliance snatched them up I went running through the ship. A man, who called himself Monroe, was in the bridge…told us the others were on the alien craft we could see through the glass of the bridge. Annie was strangely hostile to the man and I had to wonder if they’d met before, but he didn’t act as though he knew her. Monroe teleported us over to the alien ship and we chatted with Mycah, he told us what was going on…and apologized for scaring us by being gone when we got out of the room. Turns out the Sovereign, Petra, came back…she needs the crews help to fight another front of this ever escalating war. Another kind, or branch of the Whites, is rising up and only very powerful violets can stop it. She wants us to stay here and try to stop what the Alliance is doing while the rest of the Umbra crew joins back up with her to fight the aliens. I mean, logically it makes sense, but I’m still very sad it has to be this way. I actually had felt like I’d made a few friends. After Noah and Sauder were killed and Arden’s betrayal … well, I wasn’t ready to give my new friends up so quickly. But it appears that I don’t have a choice. And I suppose it was naive on my part, but I fancied Oliver a bit…and I shouldn’t have, not so soon after Arden, but he’s everything that Arden wasn’t…Oliver is beyond loyal to his friends and I suppose that quality is just something that I’ve learned to value quite a bit, a quality I suppose I’d like to experience, be on the receiving end of, when it comes to a man. Being a companion hasn’t exactly led to meaningful relationships, loyal relationships…if I’m honest with myself it’s left me feeling a bit hollow. Gran was right, it wasn’t the right thing for me. Maybe the Universe works in mysterious but wonderful ways. Maybe these awful events are going to lead my life in a better direction, perhaps I, just as Gran would put it, have to fall before I can pick myself back up and stand taller than I ever have before.

I asked that Petra leave Gavin with us, since it was safer and she agreed. I imagine once Gavin learns that I was the one that made the request he’ll resent me quite a bit…and I wouldn’t blame him, I’m taking him away from his family. Still, just like with Levi, it’s the right thing to do…and if he hates me for it, well, at least he’ll be alive to hate me. Petra also “gifted” Annie and I with something, she didn’t really say what it was, but she’s been Violet far longer than me so I was grateful for any help she was willing to give. Annie seemed reluctant to let Petra “gift” her with something and was a bit rough with her, perhaps she’s worried about Sovereign control? I suppose I probably should be too. We met the rest of Petra’s crew, they all seemed really nice and I felt almost like, a family connection with them, which made it all the harder to leave. We returned to the Umbra, which Mycah told us to take ….Riley didn’t make himself present to be said goodbye to, Mycah said Riley and Petra had a big fight and he hadn’t seen him since…I could tell Annie was really disappointed. And Oliver wasn’t around either, but I imagine emotions and goodbyes probably aren’t his thing. I should have taken Jasmine’s advice and just told him I fancied him a bit…guess it’s a bit strange for a companion to be shy about that sort of thing. Suppose it doesn’t really matter now, I’m not likely to see him for a very long time.

We returned to the Umbra, quiet and downtrodden, Gavin was clearly upset and ran off to his room. I can’t imagine this will be something he’ll get over quickly and my heart bleeds for him. Annie and I still plan on making our way to Blue Heaven so we went to the bridge to set course…Riley and Oliver were there waiting…and the alien craft with Petra and the others had already left. So they were staying. They didn’t even make a big deal out of it, just passed the bridge off to us … and Oliver touched my shoulder on the way out…did Jasmine say something to him? I plugged our course in for Blue Heaven and watched the stars speed by as we set underway…I could almost hear Sauder, “best part of any journey’s always the beginning…always the possibility of a fresh start”.

Annie Log 2

Please, please, let it not be my fault that Mags and Florence got nabbed by the gorram Alliance. Wo de tian a, please let it not be my fault. I can deal with just about anything else but that. Now Levi and Enoch are in this too, for good. Violet. I shouldn’t of let Enoch make that decision while he was all messed up on Mags’ “medicinal” plants. Not that he wouldn’t of made the same choice, never seen a man so in love with a woman as he is with Mags.

Waking up violet was a trip. My power’s super cool, I do like feeling like a gao guhn super hero. That, and our new family here on the Umbra, are the best thing about this mess Segovia and I have got ourselves in, if I’m honest. I know I make it sound like I’m only in it for the Umbra, she is so very shiny, but that’s mostly talk. I could always make a ship better, can’t do much if the crew’s a yī dà tuó dà biàn.

The worst thing about all this? Front row seats to witness the Alliance tear folks lives apart.

Segovia’s having a rough time adjustin.’ I ain’t sayin’ she’s never had shit happen in her life, we all have. The ‘Verse is just like that. But she ain’t never let it harden her. That’s a good thing though, it’s one of the things I like about her. The rest of us need that perspective or pretty soon I think we’ll have a hard time bein’ heroes. Glad her friend is okay. Hope mine are too…

I ain’t never been the praying sort, but if there is a god, or buddha, or whatever, out there… I will pray to all of ‘em to get Mags and Flo back in one piece. And I will happily let Florence scold me for calling her ’Flo’. A thousand thousand times.

Segovia's Notes - Game #3

I suppose I did believe them that the Alliance were doing some terrible things…at least I thought I did. But then we showed up at Harvest, a little rim planet, and to a farm…where the Alliance were bombing them…and I learned that believing something is still so very different than seeing it.

I was flying which meant I had to keep us out of the missile fire, which I accomplished for the most part, but Devlin kept having to startle me back into the moment. The atrocity that was taking place kept making me freeze up, I need to work on that. The last thing this group needs is someone freezing up during a fight and causing someone to get hurt. Not really sure how I can “work on that”, but something tells me Oliver or Mycah will have an idea.

After we shot down the Alliance ship we landed by the farm. Mycah sent Annie, Gavin and myself to the residence to check for survivors…turns out the Alliance were looking for survivors too. And this time I didn’t freeze up…instead I squealed a bit…and of course they heard me and started making their way to us…with very large guns. Both Gavin and Annie were quick to respond and I ended up being able to use my telepathy on one of the Alliance boys, making him “protect us”. I basically ducked down the entire time while the Alliance Red took care of it. That is, until the residence of the farm showed up, massive hover craft sized pistol in hand, and blew him away. Needless to say more ducking for cover happened. Turns out the residence was a woman named Jasmine, who is equally beautiful as she is capable of protecting herself, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little threatened by her. I’m not too good at anything that someone else isn’t better at…Devlin’s a better pilot, Gavin’s a better doctor…I’m just a companion. Hell, I even offered my services to Mycah and his crew…and was turned down. Aside from the fact that I’m Violet and they feel responsible and a bit stuck with me I’m not entirely sure why they even want me on their ship. I suppose I need to figure a way out to be helpful to them. Jasmine was also very eager to be Violet, which seemed to please the crew…yet another way she’s proving herself to the boys. A bit ironic really, my second guessing my value and capability now when I never have before. Perhaps Arden’s betrayal cut me a little deeper than I realized.

Turns out the Alliance were after old communication relay towers by Jasmine’s farm and her father, who was next to them at the time, was gunned down by the Alliance ship. She certainly seems like she has a taste for vengeance now. We buried him under the willow tree in their pasture, Jasmine packed her things, boarded our ship and didn’t look back. My heart bled for her and although I was honestly pretty terrified of the whole “make someone Violet thing” I couldn’t deny her what she wanted after she’d just been through something so painful.

Jasmine seemed to fit in quickly with the crew and her new surroundings. I’m sure that’s in part to her personality, but also because her mutation is similar to Oliver’s…she’s adaptive. Mycah was true to his word and as soon as we left Harvest we set course for Ariel to see Tia. After the spectacle on Harvest I’m now firmly convinced poor Tia was roped into a trap and is in grave danger. I’m very thankful that Mycah and the crew are going to be going with me, I know I won’t be able to protect her, but I trust them to help her.

Once we arrived Tia was actually….totally fine….She said she told the Alliance boys to leave her alone and she gave me some of my clothes and a few shoes she was able to sneak away from the Alliance when they confiscated my belongings. It was quite the relief she was alright, but also….Tia my dear, what a bad ass you are. My Gran would love to meet you. And I even think you’d be a perfect match for Devlin. ….I need to work on that mentality…here we are in the middle of a war….and I’m matchmaking. In my defense, Companion house training is intensive and thorough. But I suppose despite still having my license, I’m not really a companion anymore. I mean, it’s not as if I can report for my annual exam. They’d find out I was Violet, snatch me up and I’d never see the light of day again. Maybe I should ask Riley to erase me like he did for Annie.

Tia also provided me with some intel on Arden. Turns out that snake set down in Ariel to find himself another companion. Idiot. He should have known at the very least I’d have him blacklisted, if not bring up formal charges against him. Of course if he’s in bed with the Alliance I suppose that would have been a very bad move. A small group of us went to Arden’s ship to collect my things…only to find the ship ransacked, quiet and the crew dead. I couldn’t tell what killed them, they were just dead, with their eyes and mouths open, with a bit of a shocked expression twisted onto their faces. Between the fighting earlier with the Alliance ship and seeing my old friends like that…I’m going to continue to see all that every time I try to close my eyes. I suppose not having to sleep as a Violet is going to have its benefits. I’ve just gotten a small glimpse into the evil in the universe and it makes me shutter, makes me feel cold and alone. The poor crew…everything they must have gone through. The fact that they’re still doing as well as they are, it’s a small miracle honestly.

On our way off Arden’s ship Mycah noticed a man, in a slaver’s cage, who was in bad shape. Turned out a Red must have been on board because this man was infected, and dying from it. Which explains Arden’s and the other’s deaths….a Red was responsible. We pulled the gentleman back onto the Umbra to let Gavin take a look at him and try to help, but the Red was too far gone and Gavin told us he either had to be turned Violet quickly or he was going to die via Red exposure. Of course I couldn’t let that happen and quickly gave him Violet. I mean this could be my fault, if I’d turned Arden in maybe this poor gentlemen wouldn’t have gotten caught up in Arden’s web. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if and when this mystery man wakes up. Annie, Riley and I went back to the docks to see if we could track down some video surveillance and see what happened to Arden and his crew, but the place was crawling with Reds and knowing what happened just wasn’t as important as keeping my friends safe, so I made the call to head back to the ship empty handed. Hopefully Mr. Mystery will have some information for us.

And poor Annie, no sooner had we arrived back on the Umbra than she’d gotten word that a close friend of her’s was in dire trouble, we set course immediately, I just hope we’re in time. And I suppose that’s all relevant, because we were in time, in time for Annie’s friends to convince her that she needed to turn them Violet.

Segovia's Cortex Waves - Game #3

I’m safe and with a group of people that are looking out for me.

I’ve got a bit of a spot light on me right now, and not in a good way, one of my friends is a genius when it comes to the cortex…he, well, he erased you. It wasn’t safe. All these years you’ve been saying how the Alliance were out to get the little folk…I really just always thought that was angry Granny talk….like how you’d grumble about the grocery charging too much. But you were right Gran, they really really are out to get people. Now they’re kind of out to get me. I’ll keep safe and be smart about things like you taught me, but I wanted you to know so you could be careful too. My friend took care of wiping you from the Cortex so I might be able to visit you soon. I miss you. And please don’t worry, my friends are beyond capable…and handsome too ;)

All my love,

Segovia's Notes - Game #2

I’m not really sure what to make of the last few days. If I’m honest I’m in a bit of shock really…

Gavin had an idea to help Corina. He proposed going to a “Zazz” and getting help. The crew seemed very against this, but agreed it might be the only way to help Corina and so they relented. Turns out a “Zazz” is literally a monster…although at first I didn’t believe them. In addition, Gavin was angry enough at being left behind on the last mission he gave an ultimatum…either he goes on missions, or he’s leaving. Mycah called for a vote…I’m not sure that was entirely appropriate, but I do agree with Gavin and so I voted. Clearly Gavin can take better care of himself than even I can, so it would have been hypacritical of me to disagree. Since this was Gavin’s mission he got to pick the ground team…him, Oliver, Annie and myself. Apparently Zazz is less likely to hurt women.

We arrived on a jungle planet where Zazz was housed. The planet was a Red training facility for the Alliance. I now understand why Zazz is here…food. The Reds are his food. Annie called him the King of Reavers…and she was right. What I saw on that planet will live in a dark part of my mind forever. As Zazz chased me…I couldn’t help but think that this is what animals must feel like when they’re hunted…an utter fear that takes over your mind and your soul, until there’s nothing left but terror. I believe I’m a vegetarian now.

After the ordeal Annie and I woke in the infirmary. Corina was healed and back on her feat…a blessing truly, but Oliver was in a coma. Zazz had attacked him, damaged him badly enough…although I didn’t see any body wounds…but that was when I heard him scream…an anguished sound that I knew was his, but there was no sound….it was in my mind, my very soul. Gavin explained I was a telepath. I suppose that makes sense, empathy was always one of my strong suits. He explained mind to mind connections and suggested I attempt to wake Oliver as his own attempts hadn’t worked. Annie must have some empathy of her own, she must have seen my reluctance to go alone, and so we both linked with Oliver…followed his thoughts….

He was a little boy, beaten by slavers if he didn’t do his “job”….return the slaves to their posts, or he would be punished. Such a thing to do to a child, a slave himself, forced to subject others, forced to hurt, to make them suffer. Annie comforted young Oliver while I looked on…I couldn’t help but feel his broken spirit. It’s a wonder he has any connection to the crew. What he went through….it’s obvious to me now that his silence, his reclusiveness, he fears connection with people on so many levels. That connection gives people power over him, power he likely swore he’d never let another person wield against him. Connection for him also means that he can’t do what needs to be done…it would hurt too much. Too much pain when he was little, he’s guarding himself against it now. Who can blame him for that. But that’s no life to live. I have to show him that, have to show him that the chance of pain is worth it in the end. I pulled Oliver from his coma and he left, not really sparing a look back.

Annie is a magnapath? I’m not sure the word for it, but she can use magnetism to move and control metal. I imagine that will prove beyond useful for her. Mycah made, I’m sorry, suggested heavily to Annie and I that we needed to get a grip on our powers as we were headed somewhere and would be there in two hours…and that we needed to be fully prepared and capable. Two hours. He expects us to adapt in two hours. No wonder his crew is tight rope high, walking on eggshells, stressed. They face the impossible. Mycah himself has to hold them to a ridiculous standard, not his fault, I realize he’s just trying to keep them alive. But it’s a wonder things haven’t crumbled for them before now.

I wanted to help them, but I wanted to do it as a human, as just me…the whole Violet thing scared me quite a bit, honestly still does. But now, after seeing all they’re dealing with…I’m reluctant to admit they were right. Humans don’t stand a chance…not in a fight against them….not to help them….and not against these odds.


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