Violet Hill

Segovia's Cortex Waves - Game #1

First Game

To Gran
Hi Gran,
Wanted you to know I’m safe. If you hear anything strange about me or rumors, don’t believe them. I’ll explain when I can, when it’s safe. I think I’m going to have a little adventure…think you’ll be proud.
Love you,

To Tia
Arden betrayed me, drained my account….he’s a slaver Tia. Blacklist him. Make sure he can’t take advantage of another companion. I’m safe. I’ll contact you when I can.

Segovia's Notes - Game #1

I cannot believe that Arden turned out to be a different man. I had fantasized about something long term, not having to flit from client to client…I thought he cared. Turns out he was using me for my bank account, to launder money from his slave trading. I’m not sure how I was naive enough to not see the signs. And I was even more stupid to confront him. I should have known a man that would deal is slaves wouldn’t just walk away from that when his companion asked…I should have known. Thanks to his crew I was able to leave alive, penniless and without my possessions, but alive. I bought a scarf and some cosmetics to hide the bruising and rented a room for the night. I’m not ashamed to say I shed a few tears over the events, but in the morning while I was out to buy a second pair of clothes…I saw an ad for a pilot…and I thought…why not. Wouldn’t Granny be proud to say her granddaughter was a pilot. I suppose I’m just ready for a bit of a break from being a companion…my heart needs to heal a bit first, I fear I feel a bit more for my clients than I should, more than it’s respectable for a companion to anyway.

The ship for the pilot posting is huge…much larger than Arden’s ship, but I’m sure I can still fly her better than most. The crew were surprised about the posting and they appear very reluctant to bring anyone new on board. It appears there was also a posting for a mechanic, so I won’t be the only new person…which I’m thankful for. The mechanic, Annie, seems like a lovely girl…and I’m excited to have a woman on board that seems interested in shopping and cosmetics. It’s been awhile since I’ve had any females in close proximity to spend time with. In addition, it seems somehow Corina Glasco landed herself on this ship. My mother used to play her symphonies and match harmony…when I was little I always imaged I was a great violinist too, playing alongside Corina and my mother on a grand stage. That is, until the accident took my parents…fantasies like that didn’t hold much place in my heart after….so being able to play alongside Corina was very nastalgic and a bit emotional for me. And I’ve decided, I’m getting my violin back from Arden. Sure he may have emptied my account of a few million credits, but I can always make more credits…the violin, well, my mothers hands have held that instrument…I can’t replace that.

On top of it all Corina gave me a priceless violin, which I plan to treasure, but the sadness that she covers with apathy pains me for her. I wonder what happened to this incredible woman that pulled the joy of music from her. I feel I need to help her, show her that even in sorrow music can be beautiful, can touch the soul.

The gentlemen on board are very rough around the edges, very unrefined…and quite frankly I find that refreshing, even comforting as odd as that sounds. Arden always knew the right things to say, the right way to say them…these gentlemen have stumbled over their words and actions quite a few times. I can tell they have good souls and although they all have a dark secret I can’t put my finger on, they aren’t bad people. Regardless of their attitudes they have honesty in their hearts and I find that’s precisely what I need right now. And interestingly enough, they also have a young boy on board, who’s an orphan that the crew is looking after…more confirmation that these are good people. And the boy, he’s a fascination to be sure. Saw through fabric and foundation to see my bruises and was skilled enough with a dermal mender to put a core doctor to shame. I wonder where they picked young Gavin up?

The mission they needed an extra pilot and mechanic for seemed, well, suicidal at best….but after Riley’s display of taking down 6 tong members …my curiosity is getting the better of me. But unfortunately their plan to raid an Alliance cruiser was just that, suicidal, and they wound up getting caught. Annie and I fumbled our way through getting aboard the Alliance ship as well and jumbled together a workable plan for possibly helping the crew…and to my surprise we actually pulled it off…I mean, not like we’d originally planned, we got more than a bit lucky, but we were able to help the crew by freeing them. Once the IV drips were pulled off them they woke up quickly on their own…but things get more than a little strange here. They somehow “charged” themselves with light…and they did impossible things. Oliver turned into an alien creature, Devlin was faster than any man could or should be..and Micah could literally bend ship hull with his bare hands. What have I gotten myself into….I wasn’t wrong Granny, this is going to be an adventure for sure.

We were able to get off the Alliance ship with the crew, although Corina is hurt and needs more medical attention than I can provide, and Oliver…he announced we were staying. I’m not too sure of all that happened after that. Hearing the Alliance officers burn alive, seeing the destruction we did….it was a bit much for me, and I can’t hold my liquor…so a glass of scotch in and well, I’m going to have to ask Annie about the evens about halfway through that glass and after…


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