Peripheral Integrated Custodial Automaton

PICA - Never Do Chores Again!


Cost: ₡3,850 (not for sale)


Built by Reilly with advanced programming, this custodial bot tends to most of the basic maintenance issues on the ship. it cleans floors, does dishes, wipes down counters, and can clean most surfaces. It also comes equipped with an advanced processing matrix for precision direction, magnetic and suction feet for traversing to hard-to-reach places, and a full attachment of integrated cleaning solutions. Capable of operating completely autonomously or in a network with other PICAs, this little guy does it all.

Integrated Features

  • Wirless Transmitter and Receiver
  • Integrated Cleaning Tools
  • Magnetic and Suction Hands/Feet Attachment
  • Powerful Integrated Processor
  • Full Visual Suite and Analysis Software

Peripheral Integrated Custodial Automaton

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