Oliver's Sickles



Built by Annie for Oliver, these melee weapons have been highly augmented into state-of-the-art new tech weaponry.


Damage: d6W(+d6S)
Armor Piercing: 2 AP
Special Traits: Collapsible, Stun Charged, Cord Tether
Cost: ₡35

Collapsible: The sickle blades fold into the hilt for easy storage and can be reflexively snapped into and out of ready position. This grants Oliver a +1 step bonus to conceal the weapons.

Stun Charged: When the power core is switched on, the sickles electrical system emits a stun charge when Oliver successfully strikes an opponent. In addition to dealing more Stun damage, the target must make a Hard (Vitality + Vitality) roll. Success means the target suffers a -1 step cumulative penalty on all Attributes for one minute, and failure results in the target falling unconscious and suffering a d6 in Shock points as well.

Cord Tether: A high-density, industrial woven metal cord tether is embedded in the hilt of the sickle with an adjustable fixture on the end. The cord can be used for any number of things including tethering the weapon to the wielder’s wrists or being used as a climbing device or to restrain someone with the cord. Each sickle has 10 yards of cord which can be “set” to extended in 3 yard increments.


Oliver's Sickles

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