Military Grade Multiband

All-In-One Personal Assistant


Military Grade Multiband (MGM – Accessory)

Cost: ₡9.6
Weight: -

While most Multiband Watches are fragile and break easily making them little more than fancy toys for rich school boys, the military grade version can withstand quite a bit of punishment. Water proof, space proof, scratch and break resistant, this watch will stay in tact in all but the most hostile situations. The digital display provides a crisp, high resolution picture all while being resistant to impacts. The Watch includes all of the traditional multiband features including: an all-in-one watch, digital compass, calculator, alarm, radio receiver, generic remote control, and voice memo.

Additional Accessories
Military Grade Multibands come with additional features for an added cost:

Integrated Micro Transmitter: Cost + ₡12
Integrated Ship-Linked Transmitter: Cost + ₡9.6
Integrated Global Navigation System: Cost + ₡42.4
Integrated Music Player (includes headphones): Cost + ₡18


Military Grade Multiband

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