Eye Lens Computer

Wearable Computer Interface Display


Cost: ₡240


A computer system miniaturized to the extreme, these small contact lenses (they come in sets of 2) have all of the features of a standard computer system including remote connection (such as Cortex frequencies and other transmissions), limited storage (enough to store about an hour of hologram recordings). The Eye Lens Computer system also comes with a small, discreet earpiece that transmits all auditory information, an external keyboard system, and an external storage system that can sync with and backup data from the lenses. The Lens themselves read subtle eye movements for input but the portable keyboard system can also be used. The miniaturized screens otherwise can display information that appears to be “displayed” on any surface.

As a side benefit of the inward-facing screen display, the outward-facing display can be used to alter the appearance of the character’s iris. In addition to nifty colors for eyes changeable on demand, the user can also attempt to bypass retinal security scanners using this piece of equipment (which provides a +2 skill step to relevant covert or disabling checks.


Eye Lens Computer

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