Tia Chen

Ex-Tong Slave, Companion

Initiative: (Agility + Alertness) d10 + d10       Life Points: (Vitality + Willpower) 16
Endurance: (Vitality + Willpower) d10 + d6       Resistance: (Vitality + Vitality) d6 + d6


Agility d10 Strength d6 Vitality d6
Alertness d10 Intelligence d8 Willpower d10


Animal Handling
Artistry d6
Athletics d4
Covert d4
Discipline d6
Guns d6
Heavy Weapons
Influence d6
          Seduction d10
          Persuasion d10
Knowledge d4
Mechanical Engineering *
Linguist * d4 (Mandarin)
Medical Expertise
Melee Weapons d2
Perception d6
          Eavesdropping d10
          Empathy d10
Performance d4
Pilot * d2
Planetary Vehicles d6
          Motorcycle d8
Ranged Weapons d6
          Crossbow d8
Scientific Expertise *
Survival d4
Technical Engineering *
Unarmed Combat d4


  • Fightin’ Type d4
    • You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty. For example, if you move and shoot in the same turn, your shot will not suffer the normal –1 step Skill penalty.
  • Steady Calm d6
    • Bonus to Willpower to avoid shaken, frightened, startled, intimidation, interrogation
  • Allure d4
    • With Allure, you gain a skill step die bonus on all actions keyed to appearance, such as: seduction, negotiation, persuasion, or winning beauty pageants.
  • Highly Educated d4
    • bonus on Intelligence rolls to any Knowledge-based skill
  • Registered Companion d6
    • You possess an active license in the Companion Registry, which legally permits you to do business throughout the system.
    • +2 step Skill bonus to Influence-based actions in dealing with those who respect your station.


  • Amorous d4
  • Memorable d4       “I remember her…how could I forget.”
    • You’re easily identified. Others gain a +3 step Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness.


  • was born to a Tong slave, grew up as a serving girl in a large Tong house, when she was 10 the house lord started taking notice at how pretty she was becoming, fearing for her daughters safety she snuck her away to a companion house
  • her mother was killed for sneaking out of the Tong
  • the Tong tried to get her back, but the companion house went to a legal battle over it and, due to their connections in Parliment, won
  • Tia is beyond grateful to the companion house and truly goes out of her way to be a good representative to them and help the guild as much as she can
  • trained hard with the guild and has taken several high profile clients, she’s known for her discretion


  • elegant in movement and speech, has a slight mandarin access that she can drop very easily if she wants
  • loves motorcycles and secretly street races
  • really loves her job, loves being a companion, enjoys sex
  • a bit cheeky and enjoys teasing people
  • always willing to help undermine a Tong in any way she can

Tia Chen

Violet Hill GMJJ