Ronica Sugrue



Battle hardened bad ass that can field strip any weapon in the Alliance’s arsenal, when the Alliance Military set about creating the perfect soldier Ronica was their finest creation. She single-handedly repelled insurgents that outnumbered her 100 to 1 and her mutation is nothing short of pure, concussive killing power. But the Alliance fucked up. They intended to grow the Red Clones in groups, hoping that they would work better together and be more likely to fall in line if they all were a close knit group. That theory has only failed them once, and that was with Ronica’s group.

Her personality is as explosive as her mutation. She hugs Mycah and Devlan like they were her own flesh and blood. Whenever they do, they hold each other a little longer than most people. Like siblings that haven’t seen each other in years or soldiers who know this could be the last time they ever get the chance.

Determined. Focused, Dangerous. Ronica can solo an entire platoon of Reds, survive in the most insane environments, and take down gunships with a snap of her fingers. Living, breathing proof that Red is, and always will be, too dangerous for mankind to be playing around with. She loves with an unmatched fire and kills with super-heated passion, throwing herself a hundred percent into whatever she’s doing with a moments notice. Luckily she likes to do things in spurts, so a few of her enemies grab a quick reprieve before her rampage continues. Nice of her to give them a few more moments before they explode from the inside out like jello with lit firecrackers on the inside.


Ronica Sugrue

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