Petra Lee



The mysterious progenitor of the Violet species, Petra was the first Violet to ever come into existence. Her creation was the result of a militant White plot to create a biological weapon and destroy the Verse to stop the wrongful spread of Red which was later revealed to be a derivative of a captured (and tortured) couple from the same alien species. After an intervention from a bio-organic android that altered her composition and helped her escape, Petra came back to the Verse and created a handful of Violet to defend herself against the greedy onslaught of the Alliance, hungry for another White strain to capitalize on.

Petra’s mastery of Violet has come a long way since her creation, as she demonstrated on the two Alates left behind when she took most of her former crew to another galaxy. She was able to alter their mutation and grant them the ability to build an empire to oppose the Reds of the Alliance. Well loved by her crew and intrinsically connected to every Violet in the Verse, Petra has a quiet resolve and stands up to overwhelming odds with a silent but unshakable resilience.


Petra Lee

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