Gavin Mcilroy



You catch a glimpse of him in the cargo bay, he’s got a datapad in his hand and he’s furiously plugging away at the touchscreen. Probably playing Angry Asteroids or some other kids game. Then it hits you, what the hell is this kid doing on a merc ship!? All around him are hardened soldiers cleaning assault rifles and he’s just prancing around, walking and talking like he’s one of them. At first it seems like apathy from the rest of the crew but it doesn’t take long to see that they really care about him. Whenever he walks up to one of them and starts talking, they stop what they’re doing and listen. They really take it in, like he’s really one of them and they value what he has to say. You think it’s negligence, maybe he’s an orphan with no where else to go, but despite it all they all seem to treat him like he belongs there. That’s when he catches your eyes. There’s something cosmic about him when he stares back at you, like an old soul skimming through all your past lives to get to know you and everyone you’ve ever been. It only lasts a moment before a smile paints across his face and he bounds off to the rec room, slurping a bagged juice in one hand while tapping a datapad with his thumb in the other.


Gavin Mcilroy

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