Emiline O'Hare

Segovia's Aunt, snob socialite in need of money

Initiative: (Agility + Alertness) d8 + d6       Life Points: (Vitality + Willpower) 12
Endurance: (Vitality + Willpower) d4 + d8       Resistance: (Vitality + Vitality) d14 + d14


Agility d8 Strength d4 Vitality d4
Alertness d6 Intelligence d6 Willpower d8


Animal Handling
Artistry d4
Athletics d6
Covert d4
Discipline d4
Guns d2
Heavy Weapons
Influence d6
          Persuasion d10
Knowledge d4
Mechanical Engineering *
Linguist * d2 (Mandarin)
Medical Expertise
Melee Weapons
Perception d6
Performance d4
Pilot *
Planetary Vehicles
Ranged Weapons
Scientific Expertise *
Technical Engineering * d4
Unarmed Combat


Blue Blood d6
Connoisseur d6
Amorous d4


Glass Jaw d2
Neatfreak d6
Nosy d6



  • Moira O’Hare’s younger sister, both O’Hare sisters inherited a large sum of money when their parents died in a boating accident on Bellerophon
  • Emiline has never married, as she doesn’t want to risk her money, but she’s had many affairs throughout the years
  • she is considered a socialite, but was never involved in charity work like her sister was
  • when Moira died she was given custody of her niece Segovia, but didn’t want the responsibility, despite Segovia’s grandma wanting custody and to raise her, Emiline didn’t want another “farm hand” in their family and instead opted to send Segovia to a companion house for training to get her out of the way, but in a way that would help the family’s social standing


  • selfish, amorous
  • likes to date younger men
  • quite a partier
  • elegant and social ediquette aware
  • spends a small fortune on looking younger, has had several procedures done

Emiline O'Hare

Violet Hill GMJJ