Devlan Tisdale



He’s completely off the grid. A few entries by that name in the Alliance databases but none of them are him, not unless he’s undergone massive reconstructive surgery. Only thing to know about him is by what he keeps around him. He’s got a duffel that’s obviously military, and judging by how he carries himself he’s pretty good in a fight. He’s got steady hands and a confident demeanor, probably stands to reason that’s he’s a fair pilot. But there’s just something in his eyes, something about the way he’s always looking over his shoulder. There’s something dark in his past, and he’s expecting it to catch up with him any time now.

Despite it all you can tell that never gets him down. He’s got tons of energy, always talking with his hands hands as if tracing his thoughts in the air to better articulate his point. Maybe he’s Italian, maybe he just has too much energy. But when he gets serious his entire demeanor changes, like someone flipped a switch in his head. He goes from vibrant and energetic to hardened and disciplined. Yeah, you think, he’s definitely ex-military.


Devlan Tisdale

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