Corina Glasco



You almost skim right over her when you first get a look at her. She just seems so plain and forgettable. Pretty, but forgettable. She wears generic ship hands clothes with a generic side arm and is off on her own tending to a console like an extra in a movie. But when you lean your head just right and actually get a real look at her, you recognize her. Holy shit, is that Corina Glasco?

You remember her. A famous musician, a child prodigy on the violin. She played for parliament and at some of the Verses’ most prestigious concert halls. You spend a few more seconds on her face just to convince yourself that it’s really her.

What happened to her? You remember reading in the papers a while back that she went missing a few years ago. Something happened to her sister, she went missing or something. You don’t really recall, the article you read seemed to skim right over it. That’s when it hit you. Her eyes are heavy now, like someone that’s seen too much and just couldn’t find a way to let it go. She doesn’t look at the world like an artist looking for inspiration in the beautiful ordinary that surrounds her. She looks at the world like a soldier, sizing up everything around her and taking a quick inventory of her surroundings with every passing glance. What happened to her? This isn’t the little starlet you remember from the vids, that’s for sure.


Corina Glasco

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