Benjamin Aminoff



First encountered as he stumbled his way into Champions night on Blue Heaven the night before the final event, Benjamin sat down for another round completely unaware of Gavin’s watchful gaze. After shattering the marble bar with his face, the crew of the Umbra watched in surprise as his wounds quickly regenerated and he held his own against the thorough beating Gavin laid down. Finally, after the young half-White was pried off of him, Gavin panicked and pleaded with the Crew that this stranger was a White and that he had to be put down.

Benjamin, on the other hand, insisted he didn’t even know the kid and, whether due to his inebriated state or a massive concussion from having his face kicked in, stumbled off back into the station after asking Segovia for a ride off the station. Within moments he seemed to completely recover from his injuries despite the life-ending damage Gavin inflicted on him, revealing to the Crew and the world for the first time just how fearsome an opponent the half-White boy could be.


Benjamin Aminoff

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