Bai Jian Li




  • Bai Zhang, leader of the White Dragon Tong, has three sons by his wife. Jian Li is the youngest by quite a few years and isn’t very close with his older brothers.
  • Raised to respect his parents, he did – begrudgingly. His father treated his legal sons more strictly then he did his bastard children, the three boys would someday inherit his position after all. His mother was more affectionate, but she could also be conniving and at times vicious.
  • Jian Li has always been curious, with a bad habit of listening at doors, he also asks too many questions. These personality quirks don’t always go over well when growing up in a Tong clan, where there are lots of secrets and you’re expected to obey the people who have authority over you unquestioningly.
  • His father was the only one allowed to leave marks on his sons outside of the practice grounds, so to punish him Jian Li’s mother and instructors took to locking him in a closet for extended periods, to give him time for “self-reflection”.
  • His one year younger half-sister, Xiulan, took to sneaking into the closet with him and snuggling up next to him as he cried. Jian Li did not realize how much that helped him until she was gone.
  • He’s pretty sure his father figured out that he helped his sister escape eleven years ago, but so far as he knows no one else has.
  • His parents always, without fail, show a unified front to others. But their children at least can sense the tension that exists between them.


  • Used to have a smart mouth, but his father has done his best to beat it out of him. Though sometimes you can catch him smirking out of the corner of your eye.
  • Has a few folk he considers friends, but he hasn’t had anybody who will joke or be silly with him since his sis escaped.
  • Has a sweet tooth so he carries hard candies in his pockets. He will also sneak them to the slave kids when he walks by or when they run errands for him.
  • Likes to play the sorts of games you find in bars. Pool, cards, darts, etc. Whether he plays fairly or not depends entirely on how much of an asshole he thinks his opponent is.


Str 8 | Agi 10 | Vit 8 | Alt 10 | Int 6 | Will 8

Derived Traits
LP 16 | Initiative 10+10 | Endurance 8+8 | Resistance 8+8


  • Athletics d6
    • Dodge d10
  • Covert d6
    • Stealth d10
    • Surveillance d8
  • Discipline d6
    • Mental Resistance d8
  • Guns d6
  • Influence d6
  • Linguist d2
    • Mandarin
  • Melee Weapon Combat d6
  • Perception d6
    • Hearing d10
  • Pilot d4
  • Planetary Vehicles d6
  • Unarmed Combat d6
    • Kung Fu d10


  • Allure d2
  • A Moment in Time d6
  • Brawler d6
  • Fast on Your Feet d6
  • Fightin’ Type d4


  • Nosy d4
  • Phobia: Claustrophobia d6
  • Rebellious d4



Bai Jian Li

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