Proprietor and front man for SuperHuman, Artemis first met the crew of the Umbra at Amnesia on Blue Heaven during the Scoundrel Classic. After Reilly insisted they approach her for a meet-and-greet, Artemis was quick to elaborate on her company and their business: giving people the option to become Reds.

While she made some grandiose claims about their operation (and had the Reds sitting beside her to back up her boasts), Artemis firmly believes that Humanity and Reds can co-exist peacefully and remains herself human to prove that SuperHuman’s services are a choice. Once more, despite being the only member of SuperHuman without any extraordinary powers, she is the leader of the organization and all of the Reds in her employ seem to not only respect her business sense, but also let her lead them and look to her for guidance.



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